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    After being force to remove their Eskimos name by a vocal minority, the list of seven final names has been provided.

    Elk, Evergreens, Evergolds, Eclipse, Elkhounds, Eagles and Elements.


    Of them, I like the Evergolds the best.

    Green and Gold = their colors.


    My only concern would be for marketing/mascot/etc.

    How do you market a grass that is meant for a garden?



    i like the new plan to remove all references to eskimos and natives from society!
    Thats why they are doing it right?


    So instead of people wanted to learn more about Eskimos culture, they want it completely removed?

    Who or what are Eskimos?  Let’s look it up.


    Now, with the word being removed, h0w often will people even know the word (and the people/culture) exists?


    That same goes for all the other (I am offended – remove history from history – CRAP).

    Learn from history.  Learn about other people and cultures.

    Stop marginalizing them by trying to erase them from ever being mentioned.


    What next?  We remove Black History Month because it targets a visible minority?  That is the next logical step!  I am sure everyone would just LUV that idea.


    Should we remove all mention of the word Egypt (Egyptians) because how how they treated/have slaves?

    So those now living in that “we cannot say the name because it is offensive” are now nobodies?


    If I am a animal lover, does that mean I can force teams from using any reference to an animal in their name, because they are exploiting them?


    No more Bulls!

    No more Colts!

    No more Blue Jays!

    No more Seahawks!

    No more Tigers!

    No more Ducks!

    No more Panthers!


    So what should we call them for now on?

    (insert city name) baseball club.

    (insert city name) basketball club.

    (insert city name) football club.


    Oh wait!  the name football is offensive to those that follow FIFA/world football.  Should we force the NFL to change what they call their sport?


    Will this insanity by the woke/SJW/vocal few ever end?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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