Channel 10 In Australia Decides To “Solve Racism” By Changing Weather Map

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    …I’m going to leave this here LOL! :


    Isn’t that cultural appropriation?

    How dare they use terms that are not their own to report the weather.

    What woke racists!

    < HA Ha ha >



    I thought that too when I saw this!


    Well, they are too late.

    This woman, while expressing racism, actually solved it already.


    If someone were to ask me if the US had a lot of racism, I think I’d have good reasons to say “Yes”; after all, in the past year or so, the streets have been filled with racist rioting and looting and peacefully being violent, racist anti-racism has been pushed into our schools and society as a whole, and “representation”, including racial representation, has become the norm for all coming forms of media entertainment.

    Yep, racism sure has spiked in the last year.

    The problem isn’t really with the question itself, but with the way the ones asking it insist on interpreting “racism”; after all, if they asked me if I thought the US has a lot of racism, they would not mean by “racism” what I would mean by it. For them, “racism” means just “white racism”, while my view would include that and other forms.


    Leave it to Australian SkyNews to call BULLSHIT.

    The US does not have a Racist Problem.
    The US has a Criminal Problem and Weak Authorities Problem!

    But worse it has one Party who has been using race in one form or another to its advantage for a little over 150 years. If you have to ask which party please see which Political Party/affiliation those Authorities belong to in the cities and States who had those “peaceful riots”.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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