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    Superman, I grew up with the character since I was 4


    Batman, I grew up with Batman: the Animated Series when I was 4 years old as well.


    Batman via the 60’s show. Superman and Wonder Woman were not too far behind


    Batman the first one i saw was in The Batman cartoon


    These 3 have always been my favorite. LOGAN/WOLVERINE, GOLIATH, and DAVID XANATOS.character  mashup, my favorites


    Yeah, I liked Goliath but I more liked Thailog. Thailog had one of the best exists too.


    I kinda always more related to the villains and anti-heroes,lol.


    My overall pick would be Conan the Barbarian(1982 movie) and even Conan The Destroyer and Kalidor from Red Sonja.



    My favorites as a kid were the Fantastic Four because of the 1967 cartoon, it was quite faithful to the Lee/Kirby classic comics. The best of the Marvel Age, in my opinion.

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    Must See TV when I was a kid!


    I was really into Green Lantern and Aquaman when I was a kid because of that show.




    Childhood hero is the Dark Knight himself.



    I agree. It’s funny that Aquaman became a joke in the early 2000s because he was pretty awesome.


    The Flash – Wally West. He was the star of the first comic book I ever held (Flash #0 Beginning of Tomorrow) and far and away my favorite character in DC’s animated universe. He was a green-eyed hero (which in the grand scheme of things means nothing but it’s rare all the same), and he was the every-man which is also a rarity among comic book heroes. I was never the big kid on the block, but I was always the fastest, tac onto that a lot of other things about the character and I had more than enough to relate with and latch on to.


    Check out my series that ran for the site that’s dedicated to the various Scarlet Speedsters, Friday Flash Facts!


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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