Children and lockdowns, a study in the UK

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    I understand this is not a worldwide statistical study but I believe this to be important and could be representative of this situation as far as children go.

    This video also delves into the topic.

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    The worldwide protests are a sight. France, Greece, Italy and other countries are having mass protests against the lockdowns. Australia, too. Seeing all those people protesting for freedom is something that needs to happen more often.



    If that’s how people are reacting in those countries, imagine how they’ll react if they try to bring it to America (probably the most liberty-minded country in the world)


    We will do the same thing we already did, fold like a house of cards. At least initially. What happens after that is the interesting part. But if lockdowns were called again I think there would be grumbling but initial capitulation. And they will be called for again. It’s coming.


    They also did not mention how the drug abuse situation has also gone up among males, more so than in females.

    We are social creatures.

    We need to interact with others, in-person.

    Sights, sounds, smells, etc.

    And for the youth, this is even more important.

    But too often we are seeing it is the teachers who do NOT want to return to school classroom setting. and their own selfishness over those of their students while claiming otherwise.




    I disagree. I think plenty of Americans will stand up against it. Probably not people in big cities, but people in more conservative areas will definitely protest against it


    This whole thing is happening because Parents stopped being responsible an gave up so many rights to government when it came to raising their kids.
    Kids grew up not having to face consequences for bad behavior and grades. They have become in Major Cities and Democrat states reliant on the government and believe it or worse social media an media lies. They lost the ability to think for themselves or the will to research facts.

    There are people around me of all political affiliation, race, creed, color etc who REFUSE to get the jab and refuse to wear mask or distance anymore. They have that attitude because they see through the lies. They are searching out truth or information being suppressed. You have to ask yourself why is information being suppressed instead of debated?

    Yup The kids of many Gen (X)ers, have truly fucked the country up. And when listening to them the most common reason is (I did not want to raise my kids the way I was, and wanted better for them). Hey that is the goal for each Generations, problem is when you ask them what that means most will say, I did not want them to be spanked or put on restriction or not have the things their friends ha because they would be teased. Worse of all is this one “I wanted my kids to like me and be their friend”…. When I hear that 90% of the time if the kid is over 12 they are a spoiled, entitled, rude loud mouth brat who needs a serious ass kicking. The parent needs one too.

    So what will happen…. Cities the sheep will role over… the rural areas you might see a Bad Moon rise.

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