Chinese virologist whistleblower speaks out on COVID

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      China virus was “artificially created” and “intentionally” released by the Chinese communist government according to Dr. Li-Meng Yan – a Hong Kong exiled dissident who fled her university researcher position when China revoked Hong Kong’s independence earlier this year – speaking with Tucker. She went into detail explaining how studying the virus’ genome it is evident that its different parts that make it up originate from different strands of DNA which could only have been produced in a lab, referring to it as a “Frankenstein” virus.

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      The CCP was looking to weaponize the virus and stole it from a lab in Canada. Im sure if it would have been perfected it was going to be released upon the world by the CCP and Chinese friendly socialist groups

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        Funny I heard they stole some bat virus disease research from Australia too! This must be the combined puzzle pieces from all sorts of different viruses all around the world.

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          I don’t think we will ever know the full truth. IMHO, I think it was manufactured by the CCP and the Gates foundation, but the facts are anecdotal at best.


          It’s not like there’s a massive amount of predictive programming out there20200312_232211

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      IMG_20200403_211606still more believable then the official CCP story

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      The Bioweapon made by China for Ofucktard and Dr Fucki to end the greatest economy on the planet.


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        Could you explain your thought process on this one?

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          If one is educated enough to do reasearch what I said is quite clear.

          Dr Fucki was Ofucktards bagman for the nearly 4 billion payment to the CCP Wuhan lab to create a boiweapon.

          Dr Fucki is on record telling the planet there would be a ‘pandemic’ during the 2020 election year… in 2017. 10 months after he delivered the samples and the cash to the CCP.

          Dr Fucki is also on record as far back as 01 stating that HQC is the greatest thing to use against a SARS or COVID outbreak. The second Trump started talking about this drug he did a 180 and started claimin it didnt do shit.

          This fake virus is designed to kill the American economy. One of the goals of the Ofucktard administration and his new world order (Globalist) masters.

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            I’m not sure who Ofucktard is, so hard to say.

            But anyone can predict an epidemic, or even a pandemic. They go in circles, it’s just a matter of how bad it is. If you look at the presidencies from the 2000’s, every president have had at least one epidemic. Bush had SARS in 2003 I believe, Obama had 2009 swine flu (which is the closest to covid in severity in recent memory), partially Ebola and and the 2015 Zika and now Trump has Covid.

            I can already guarantee you, whoever is the president in the next 10-15 years is going to have to handle a pandemic.When it happens, feel free to report me for scheming against the American economy.

            And do you believe the whole world is on a grand scheme to throw off the economic stability of America? If America’s economy crashes, every country is going to feel it in their own. Or do you think this Ofucktard and Dr. Fauci wants to destroy the whole world’s economy like a cartoon villain?

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      I’m not surprised. China is the number one enemy right now. I can’t believe anything that comes out of the CCP.

      Also Twitter suspended the virologist who made this claim:

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      (I have links to almost every point in this comment.  I just cannot post multiple links in a comment.)

      CV19 is a bioweapon and it has connections to the US and Fauci. It is a base strain of COVID mutated to include orthologues (genes) from SARS, MERS, and HIV. That is a pretty extraordinary claim, so what other information from other sources might support this claim?


      1) North Carolina science article from 2015 talking about SARS experiments (Fauci funded).
      2)Taiwan says the virus is made in a lab and gets immediately kicked out of the WHO.
      3) Letter to the President and Homeland Security claiming it is a bioweapon with Sars and HIV components.
      4) Harvard Professor gets arrested a few weeks after the outbreak: As chair of Harvard’s chemistry and chemical biology department, Charles Lieber is the most high-profile of the three. According to the complaint, Lieber lied to both the Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health about his affiliation with the Wuhan University of Technology, or WUT, and his involvement with China’s “Thousand Talents Plan,” a program designed to recruit Chinese ex-pats and foreign scientists to China.
      5) DOJ arrest report for Harvard Scientists. One person was the Harvard department head. The second person was a Lieutenant in the Chinese Army. The third tried to smuggle 21 vials of a biological substance out of the country.
      6) The Wuhan lab has connections to North Carolina, The Unveristy of Texas and Harvard.
      7) Obama and Biden funded the lab in Wuhan with $3.7 million:
      8) Trudeau in Canada funded the same lab with $800,000:
      9) Fauci is connected to Hillary. Look at emails 4379 and 4755 from him about her in WikiLeaks.
      10) “Dr. Fauci Gave $3.7 Million to Wuhan Laboratory… Something Is Going On” – Rudy Giuliani Drops a Bomb on NIAID Director Dr. Tony Fauci

      Then further consider that the Democrat Party helped the spread of the virus via:

      1) Pelosi telling people to go to Chinatown — spread the virus on the west coast
      2) DeBlasio telling people to go out in NYC — spread the virus on the east coast
      3) Then when numbers were significantly dropping over the summer, riot over fake racism to continue the spread.
      4) All to cripple a Trump economy and force fraud by mail.

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        A question. Who wrote that letter to the President and the DHS saying it was a bio-weapon? It seems like Google is suppressing it and I can’t find it

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          Here you go.  Here is the actual letter.  It is interesting to compare this letter with the findings of the scientists in Taiwan.  Both are very similar.

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            And is anyone surprised the WHO (along with the CCP) don’t want Taiwan telling the world the truth?

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            The letter checks out – it’s really from Medical Veritas, which is a famous vaccine and big pharma whistleblower. The article about the new Chinese vaccine mandate law is what scares me the most – I fear most countries are headed in the direction of mandatory vaccinations. While I don’t believe that vaccines are necessarily harmful to most people and many early childhood vaccines have good effectiveness, I feel this is a way to open the Pandora’s box to chip away at more of our fundamental rights such as the ability to decide what we do and do not want inside our own bodies. I fear that with Elon Musk’s brain chip (which is intended to save lives) the governments will find a way to turn it into mandatory crime-detection and mind-control devices and any law that mandates what you must do to your body brings that closer to becoming a reality.

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      Right now my local ‘news’ propaganda station is spreading the new lie that the vaccine will need to be delivered 4 times per paitent before it is effective. These fucks will not stop till the entire counrty looks like CCP.

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      I’ll pass on the vaccine…Screenshot_20200807-185233_Minds

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        Trump is saying that the vaccine is looking good and that it’s Joe Biden’s campaign putting out “disinformation” in form of “anti-vaccine theories to hurt the vaccine:”

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          I’ll put my trust in the 99.7% survival rate

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