Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (2022)

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    I admit I like the different mixture of animation styles on this. I’m also really glad that Roger Rabbit is back! Oh and I’m amazed that they made a joke about reboots since that’s what Disney seems to keep doing lol!

    My only problem is that sadly, not many of today’s kids are going to know what this is.

    Now I’ll go back to trying not to feel old!


      This actually does look cool! Love the mix of animation styles :D


      Oh? Rescue Rangers? I remember catching episodes of that as a kid but never really got “into it.” I moved on eventually but I might give it another shot one day; from what I remember it was pretty good show.

      Now, excuse me while I momentarily hijack this thread: I just saw the thread title and it immediately reminded me of this of awful monstrosity:


      “And the answer is yes, to answer your question. I am ashamed of myself.”
      ~ Alan Graham, artist.



        Best “Disney” film out there right now. Lots of fun and trippy to watch on acid. I felt a little tug of that ol’ Disney magic thats been dead for years. Also, they knew that no one under the age of 25 would even know who Chip n Dale are so thankfully it wasn’t made to heavily appeal to the youngest crowds. It definitely had plenty of fun and references for all generations.


        Not watched the film but I still cannot believe those madmen actually did this.


        …Pretty audacious of Disney to be so tone-deaf in regards to their own treatment of child actors.


        So, uhh, is no-one going to address the elephant in the room and bring up the fact that Gadget hooked up with a freakin’ fly of all things and proceeded to have a legion of mutant babies…?


        Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 02-13-52 _tv_ & _co_ Reaction to Chip 'n Dale Gadget Getting Fly'd

        Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 02-14-31 _tv_ & _co_ Reaction to Chip 'n Dale Gadget Getting Fly'd



        Just wait until that Russian cult devoted to Gadget gets wind of this lmao.



        Bob Chapek’s notifications: Holy warriors have been dispatched to your location.

      Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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