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    Most epic movie theme songs

    I could list so many but I’ll start off with Back to the Future.


    Beverly Hills Cop

    Oh I almost forgot Team America

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    Wait?  The title of this is “CINEMATIC SCORES”, yet you want to talk about songs?

    You do know those are two different things.


    For example, Howard Shore did the film score for the Lord of the Rings, and yet for The Two Towers, Emiliana Torrini sang the song “Gollum’s song” for the film.


    Sheena Easton sang the title song for “For Your Eyes Only” while Bill Conti did the score.

    Paul McCartney sang the title song for “Live And Let Die” while George Martin did the score.




    Two for you:

    • A Big to Far
    • MacArthur

    Great scores that were not even nominated for an academy award. They both had the misfortune of coming out the same year as Star Wars.



    Batman v Superman had an amazing score! The first Toby McGuire Spider-Man movie score is one of my favorites. Lord of the Rings always hits hard. Also, the Nolan Batman movies had an insane score. Not only did it sound good, but the way they used music theory to show character was incredible, specifically when they use the climax of the horns blaring ascending and never resolving. That says so much about Bruce Wayne. He could become and do so much, but he’s never resolved. Genius.


    Not the entire score, but this is one case where Hans Zimmer reaches John Williams level. Maybe the only time, but worthy.


    @comicsgate  I agree.  When a composure can create a theme that once its starts, we know the film.  Also, when a scene’s music is such that we can see it in our minds.

    Take Han Zimmers…. KRAKEN!.


    So just like John William’s Asteroid Field, Cantina, Imperial March (Vader’s Theme), etc.  the music is as much if not MAKES the scenes.

    That is one of the hallmarks of a legendary composure/score.




Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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