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    OK…I’m NOT sure how many have even heard of this company but I do know that they started with a few famous ones (one being short lived but I still enjoy it).  The first being Cardcaptor Sakura and the second being Magic Knight Rayearth.  Anyone ever read either of these?


    I recently read some of their series Clover. My thoughts are mixed on it. It had potential, and the story was ok. But it seemed to get mired in trying to fit everything in some poetry that ran throughout the sections, which made a lot of it feel very repetitive. Perhaps they were trying for something artsy, which is fine, and I didn’t hate it by any means, but maybe it was just too different for me to appreciate well.


    They should be pretty popular. If somebody didnt hear they probably watched some animes that they drew like the Code Geass or Chobits. The latter one was based on same manga. I didnt really expect that a bunch of women created Chobits when I found that out haha. Actually they started with some doujinshi then were picked up to draw Rayearth and Cardcaptor which I didnt read. But I did read Tsubasa and xxxHolic and watched Chobits. They do have a tendency to end their series abruptly or not end at all. Tsubasa was fine, but xxxHolic deserved better and they did start Rei series but its not finished too as far as I can tell, X wasnt finished at all (I know the reason, but come on). So just for anyone who is interested just beware of this fact. But they do write good stories and art. I am interested to read Cardcaptor at some point because of references in Tsubasa and I hear its very good.


    This group is AWESOME!!!

    I don’t think they have produced a story that I didn’t like.

    Suki, Dakara Suki, Kobato, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Chobits, just to mention a few.

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