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    A discussion thread for any old school, classic anime that you love that’s over twenty years old and is either cemented as legend or might’ve been lost to the sands of time (basically anything that predates the year 2000).

    There’s quite a few I like but one on my favorites is Tekkaman Blade – It’s total 90’s sci-fi as you can get.

    And who could forget Fist of the North Star? Kenshiro is still the top OG.


      Digimon counts, it’s 1999 😜

      A classic anime i was hooked on as a kid was Ranma 1/2 (1989)

      Not sure why i was allowed to watch this at 3 years old…

      I watched so much vintage anime as a kid, i can’t even remember the names of half of them, i’ll have to take a deep dive on youtube and try find them


      Ugh. That feeling when the anime you grew up with is considered classic and vintage.


      Bubblegum Crisis is still one of favorite old school anime shows. Love the art, story and music so much.



      A golden classic: Golden Boy: One young man’s quest of self-discovery…

      …And to get laid.

      Legend has it he is still yelling “STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY” on his bicycle to this day.

      Just… don’t read the manga. It gets really weird after a certain point. The anime OVA ends on a fine note, anyway.


        :D :D :D I need to watch this!


        It’s one of the most hilarious anime out there, if you don’t mind adult humor. Just don’t watch it in front your family (I know perverts in anime are nothing  new, but uhh, let’s just say this show takes it some next-level stuff). Kintaro’s an idiot savant, often creating a bad situation due to his own idiocy, yet ends up solving it with his own brilliant sense of intuition, and there in lies his charm and makes the series a worthwhile watch.


        Another short but sweet series: Gunsmith Cats. If you like girls and guns and love both, consider this right up your alley:

        Sadly, it’s an OVA series of just three episodes. And the manga it’s based on is now out of print. Maybe Dark Horse will republish it one day…


          The Cats i grew up watching :3


            Dirty Pair


            Time to shill for Berserk again.

            There are many reasons why the Golden Age arc is great; it shows how to do a flashback arc correctly by giving context to the larger story while standing on its own strengths. But chiefly it explains who Guts is and shows what happened in his life to lead us to the point that he is in the present timeline. Frankly, there’s loads of moments I’d love to go over, but I’d be spoiling it for those who haven’t watched it, yet (especially for the very end, but that requires the full context of the series to truly appreciate).

            Guts’ first encounter with demon-kind, against the apostle Zodd, stands out as one of the most hair-raising scenes in dark fantasy:

            Berserk: Bleak, dark story which features women and children being raped and murdered and the men are mutilated. It’s strongest theme and message is that life is suffering and you must bear its harsh burdens to become a stronger person.

            Berserk’s opening:

            put my grasses on

            everything went wong


              Damn, this anime’s dark AF


                Does dial-up internet count as vintage yet? 😂☎️🖥️

                I almost couldn’t belive my ears when re-watching Digimon The Movie, man, the nostalgia…

              Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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