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      This is a place where you can post your rants about how insane we have become.

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      How about she’s funneling campaign money into her husband’s consulting firm.

      So…$878k of campaign funding that she is not technically supposed to keep, but used capitalism to circumvent the rules and pocket it.

      Oh yeah…so oppressive.

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      That skank married her own brother to get asylum in this country. Then when she had weaseled her way past the immigration laws she divorced his ass to marry some second dude. Gave that one some 50k in campaign funds and divorced him too and is on hubby #3 now.

      Always thought that divorce was illegal under the koran.

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      I love how all these “oppressed” people are able to freely speak their minds and voice their fake concerns.  If they were truly oppressed they wouldn’t be able to run their mouths like this.  It would be shut for them and quickly.   So I gladly look at them and face palm as they go on and on about muh oppression.

      This seems to be a running theme with these assholes.  And everyone like them trying their hardest to convince themselves how bad they have it here.

      We say if you don’t like you can leave.  The thing is they don’t want to leave, they want to take what you have and make it their own.  If they truly had their way every single one of us would experience true oppression by their hands.   The projection from these people is staggering.

      We have one key difference here in the USA.  We have guns and we will use them if they take to many steps.

      Those on the far left are aware of this problem for them, so they have been doing that tip toe.  One little law here and there will add up to just what they want.  They will have to be able to enforce this non sense which comes back to their issue, US having guns and willing to use them.

      We are not going to be going out in the streets looking for trouble like they do.  We are however starting groups and having weekly or monthly meetings about such things.  We are not going to lay down like others are doing right now.  They will use shame and guilt tactics upon us too.  Any of our groups will be branded as White Supremacist groups or fascist groups to try to shut us down.   I remember history taught us all about Germany and how they used guilt and shame to tame those who would oppose them.  It worked very well for them too.  The difference is that the German people didn’t have a 2nd Amendment.


      We will FIGHT them.  But will do so on our terms.  They will not draw us out and pick us off as they have planned.

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      Can somebody deport this stupid Somalia bitch back to her country.

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      The term ‘racist’ has no meaning any more. Nobody knows what it means or what it used to mean. If everything is racist now, how can

      anything really be racist? Thanks left wing. You have successfully cancelled the meaning of ‘racist’ so that it’s a word that means ‘everything bad’

      or ‘everything I don’t like.’

      Things I learned this week:

      1. Mermaids are now racist.

      2. Elks are racist.

      3. Sweet potatoes are racist

      4. Frederick Douglas was racist.

      5. “peanut gallery” is now racist

      6. “cakewalk” is now racist

      7. national parks are now racist

      8. in Germany, pig-tails and braids are now racist

      9. A mountain in Switzerland is now racist

      10. Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Mrs. Butterworths are now racist.


      Soon, certain trees, rocks and other cartoon characters will be cancelled. Smurfs perhaps? Charlie Brown? Ewoks? Super-Friends? What else?

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        German girls in pigtails? No they are fucking hotties.

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