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    I need that.


    Sexy profile picture


    Thanks, been rockin’ it for years.

    G.I.Joe just doesn’t get enough respect in modern geekdom, nice to see Hasbro slowly moving the Sunbow series onto YouTube though.


    You’re absolutely right. I wish G.I Joe got more recognition today but it’s nice to see Hasbro moving forward with this new line and streaming on YT


    I don’t know how to feel about this line I hate that they have laser guns instead of real guns and the redesigns are very hit and miss for me for example I don’t like the a symmetrical armor on duke, roadblock just looks bad to me, and the body of scarlet looks fine to me but the face doesn’t look that good in my opinion but I do like the new designs for snake eyes destro and I sorta like cobra commander. Overall I kind of want them to make figures based on there comic and toy designs. I like redesigns but these redesigns aren’t for me


    This the new series of figures?

    Its really cool looking.


    For those into wargaming or tabletop roleplaying there’s a company called Hasslefree Miniatures in the UK. They offer a 28mm scale figure called Colonel Zanzibar in their science fiction range that has an interesting alternative head….

    HFNYL4 Colonel Zanzibar web


    that’s sick!!!!


    Looks like they turned CC into a nutcracker evil christmas figurine. Not too keen on the cyberpuck pirate gun, too star warish. I might buy it, but this 6 inch line’s designs are rather crummy, just not even trying to be based on ARAH, but a weird almost combination of version of Valor vs Venom and Sigma 6.


    ‘Modern’ is not my painting genera but damn that is sweet.


    I don’t like the head, really. These new G.I.Joes are odd looking.


    I’d prefer to have this one:



    Dang, my brother and I had so many toys as kids I wish we had somehow kept intact. Had the original G.I. Joe dolls with the camo clothing, Steve Austin doll with the usable eye. Original Tonka Trucks, Sigh. Forgot, Original Hot Wheels too.

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