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    A huge win for Netflix here. YouTube has decided to get out of the original scripted series business (which they should’ve never been in the first place.) Cobra Kai will be moving to Netflix.

    This is a great show that has a strong anti-pc vibe. It’s a great example of being reverent to source material and making a new story. I strongly recommend it.

    Variety article:


    Awesome! I didn’t want to pay YouTube once a year to watch ONE show.


    Season 1 was amazing.

    Season 2 was crappy. The “strong anti-pc vibe” went away during season 2, unfortunately.


    Cool, now I don’t have to sail the high seas to just enjoy a good show.

    I refuse to fund or put any money into You Tube.

    This is one of those newer shows that is a true GEM!

    I really like this show.


    They should bring Chuck Norris in to defeat Kreese.


    It was also just announced Karate Kid 1-3 will be on Netflix in the US on July 1. Great way to get people fired up.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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