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      If Re;surrection is in an alternate timeline, with the movie versions, then whoknows, maybe an R3 season will get greenlit oneday, following the original timeline while keeping the good story elements of Re;surrection, one can only hope


        I’ve heard of Code Geass having Picture Dramas, but i don’t know how many or what they’re called

        So not sure if this is an official one, but it’s f***ing hilarious 🤣🤣🤣


        I’ve seen Code Geass and to tell the truth. I love it. It’s one of my favorite Anime of all the time. I also seen Code Geass Lelouch of the Re;Surrection. And I have a Like/Dislike for Re;Surrection although it’s a okay film to me.


        ive had this anime on my list for a while but i just havent got around to it, but this recommendation has boosted it up on my list


        Yes, thats what I thought. The Ressurection is canon to the movies rather than to the anime series. At least thats what I understood from descriptions and reviews. I havent seen it and dont plan to, I am always skeptical about “continuations” that are getting released 10 years later. I think the story that they wanted to tell was ended in R2 and it was perfect they way I remember it. I think if there was really more we would have gotten WAY back then.


        It’s worth it. Perfect combo of drama, humor, action and great characters (Lelouch is imo the best mc ever). I’m also a mecha fan which boosts it even more. I watched it in 2010 when I was about 12 and it still is my favorite anime without a doubt.


        Code Geass is the best. I’m glad that there are people that still haven’t watched it or are still long time fans that come back to watch it for the memories. :)


        Loved the series


          Watched Code Geass Akito The Exiled OVA :3

          Code Geass never fails at telling interesting stories, though the first 2 chapters run quite slow, the pace picks up very quickly by the end of part 2

          Differently from the original series, Akito The Exiled focuses more on the military aspect of Code Geass rather than the psychological one, which is the part i’m most interested in, Akito has a very intriguing backstory, but that and why he is the way he is are only told in a few short scenes and flashbacks, i think his story could’ve been much better told with a full series that’d allow more time for character developement

          Lelouch also appears in the short series alongside Suzaku, same as before, this series is too short only giving them a few scenes and showing just a glimps of Lelouch’s mental state inbetween Code Geass and R2

        Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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