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    Anyone else here on G+G love to collect physical copies of anime?

    I might have a limited budget, but that’s not gonna stop me from building up my anime collection

    I got Dragon Ball Z: The Tree Of Might on DVD, watched it, and loved it, the DVD’s completely scratched up and i have to press multiple buttons to get to the main menu, but hey, it still works, and was 1 buck 🤩

    Even when i download anime, i still like to burn it all to disc 📀📀📀

    Please let me know if you collect anime, and if you got a good bargain for it 😸


    Here’s what I do, Digi.

    I don’t like to buy series until I see how they end, because if something is great for 99% but then has what I consider a shit ending…I don’t want to waste my money. So, a series has to be complete either in anime or manga form, ie. I know can get the entire story from beginning to end and be satisfied.

    Also, a series has to be at least more than 12 episodes. An old school 24-26 episode count is the minimum. I generally only buy movies if they are part of a franchise, Inuyasha being the best example in my collection.

    So, yeah, that’s how I deal with buying anime. I’m very particular, and I like to get whole series I know I will enjoy every time.

    It also helps if the series is available, ie. getting Sword Art Online’s entire series is not easy from my research.


    Physical media for the win. Some anime I will buy upfront, if it appeals. Other anime I will buy after the streaming cause I loved it. Other anime I will stream and decide, meh.

    I just bought Code Geass. I wanna buy Re:Zero in the near future when I have more budget room. Some anime can be SUPER expensive, though… I imported Macross Delta because it had English subs. Each BluRay had I think 3 episodes of 26 and were about $60 a piece or so… I don’t recommend that route unless you are really interested.

    I get most of my stuff from RightStuf now. They have regular flash sales, so you can get things at good prices if your lucky. I just pre-ordered El-Hazard for like $25 bucks. Good deal.


    @shrap Considering all the Robotech and Macross localization drama has been settled, Macross Blu rays will probably be available at normal prices in the near future.


    @Roas well in my defense it was several years ago lol. The boxes are damn pretty.

    Hopefully new releases are dubbed. After spending THAT kind of dough, I don’t need a second set of Delta otherwise, though I might. Just to keep Macross coming.


    @shrap, yeah, anime tends to be really pricy where i am too, never been lucky enough to find anime on sale in actual shops that sell DVDs/BluRays, but i do get some luck at fleamarkets and secondhand shops, i also got DVDs of the first 4 ep. of Dragon Ball for 1 buck, and first 5 ep. of Fisherman Sanpei 2 bucks secondhand, other good deals i’ve come across are Ojamajo Doremi season 1 DVD box set for 30 bucks (box sets typicly go for double if not more), and Digimon The Movie VHS for 3 bucks online

    I watched Code Geass on streaming, and loved it, want to get the DVDs or BluRays, but i’ve only found the second half of each season and not for a good enough price that i’d just buy them and wait to get the first half

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    Well, RightStuf is having a 77% off sale right now. When I ordered Code Geass, I got the full series for $40 under a different sale. Thats a respectable price.



    i got all dragon ball seasons ;)


    I am collecting anime like it’s going out of fashion in the space of 2 months I have bought , I want to eat your pancreas, Wolf children, Paprika, Graveyard of the fireflies, Okko’s , The girl who leapt through time, Summer wars, In this corner of the world, My neighbor Totoro, Spirited away, Arrietty, Princess Mononoke and Howls moving castle. Almost forgot I am getting your name later today.

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    I’ve started collecting Ranma 1/2 on DVD, have up to episode 28 + a couple movies


    I’ve got A few of Studio Ghibli’s stuff on dvd such as ‘Spirited Away’, ‘Princess Mononoke’, ‘Whisper of the Heart’, ‘The Cat Returns’, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ on blue-ray/dvd. I’ve got the first five Pokemon films on dvd. I’ve volume one of the first series of Pokemon on blue-ray. So yea, I’ve mostly got a lot of Studio Ghibli and Pokemon stuff lol. Sadly, it’s hard to get animi here in the UK. When ‘Spirited Away’ first came out 20 years ago my mum had to order it from the US because it was even harder to get animi on physical format back then.


    My current collection consists of Akame Ga Kill, Black Lagoon, Castlevania seasons 1 &2, Cross Ange, Fate Stay/Night, Freezing, Freezing: Vibration, Garo: Vanishing Line, Outlaw Star, The Testament of Sister New Devil and Stein;s Gate is the most recent addition.


    I have a limited budget too, so I buy blu-rays with anime which for sure I gonna re watch at some point. Already collected quite a few like Death Note, Code Geass, Attack on Titan, all Makoto Shinkai movies, Konosuba, That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, Rising of a Shield Hero, Ergo Proxy, Elfen Lied, Steins Gate + Movie, Re Zero, Goblin Slayer, Ghost in the Shell (2 movies and SAC+movie) and 3 Dragon Ball movies (Gods, F and Broly). So now saving up money for Steins Gate 0, Dr Stone, Demon Slayer, Garden of Sinners, Fate Zero, Sword Art Online. Yea, they are quite expensive, so I try to make it count. :D


    I have JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Parts 3 & 4 on Blu-ray. They each came with an art book showing the various sketches & behind-the-scenes trivia in every episode. The Part 3 Blu-rays also came with character cards of Jotaro, Kakyoin, Polnareff, DIO, etc.


    Time to revive this thread :3
    Got season 1 DVD box set of Majutsushi Orphen complete with 6 postcards, wasn’t expecting to get such a nice set for only 12 bucks :D

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