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    My name is MrDevilChild and I’d really like to start by telling you all about a game I’ve personally come to love. It’s a game of war where there’s no such thing as a perma bubble so you must be ready at all times. It’s a strategy game where players build and upgrade their base with Research, troop building and defence building involved.


    The game is called Commanders, some of you may have heard of this game but what I’m offering you is a chance to be in one of the top alliances in the region. We have many players who would be happy to assist with any tips and tricks in the game and many players like myself who would be really happy to help train those of you that do wish to join.


    We have a strong, dedicated and loyal team and a set structure to help make the game easier and more enjoyable. As an alliance we also like to do mini in house events like trivia or in game challenges with gift cards of all sorts of amounts as prizes ( our way of giving back to our loyal players )


    This is a war game so be advised that any who do wish to join us you may get attacked but not to worry as we are here to help and in time you won’t be targeted as much as you build and get stronger.


    We have various hives with a multitude of farms which we use to get resource’s to build up quicker and stronger and will be used to assist with any resources you may need with upgrades and research.


    If this seems like a game you could sink into and really enjoy then please feel free to download the App from Google or Apple “Commanders”. Or contact me via the Line App.


    Line ID: arronterry   ( Nickname: MrDevilChild )


    Or alternatively once you’ve download the game and have joined region 4 then simply head over to the leaderboards and look for my in game name: MrDevilChild.

    Currently I’m rank 18 follow these steps below to send me a message in game.


    Go to the leaderboards and under top players scroll down till you see my name ( Currently rank 18 ).
    Click on my name then click alliance and it should open up the alliance that I’m currently apart of [NWO] New World Order.
    Click on members and look for my name ( I’m ranked as a Major in the alliance ).
    Click on my name and send me a message in game.


    Do all of the above so I can get an invite sent out to you and we can start getting you into the groove of things with the game.


    Thank you for reading I hope you all have a wonderful day.



    [NWO] New World Order

    Region 4


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