Commies attack a man in South Africa


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      Hi everyone, so today there was a communist party that was protesting in an area known as Brakenfall.

      The reason for this is because a few weeks ago a matric class wanted to have a party but since covid is a thing they weren’t allowed to have it but some of the student’s parents decide to make a private party and for some reason the media caught wind of this and then decided to blast this story cause there weren’t any non whites in this party.

      Now this wasn’t a racist party. It was just a private party for the matric students. It had nothing to do with race but since the msm decided to look at this and make this a race issue . Then a small group of a communist party known as the EFF decided to go to a neighbourhood in Brakenfall and well let’s say the community was ready for them and a fight broke out. Some of them even came near the school and demanded the principal of this school must step down cause of muh racism even tho this has nothing to do with him and they just accused him of being a racist.

      Sotoday they show up and have their little protest. Now this party is filled with racism and hatred towards whites and other minorities. Now a very worrisome old man decided to go upfront and ask a EFF member on stage why do they hate him. This then made the speaker mad and the other members mad too. Some of them then attacked him and cornered him. He managed to escape and then went down raising his hands in the air . Now the police arrested him for “inciting violence”. Even tho he didn’t.  He just asked a question. He wasn’t there to stir up hate at all.

      Now the video I will send you does describe what happened to the man and shows full footage.

      Please share this video far and wide so the world can know what’s happening in south africa.

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