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    As you can see in these pictures, they use moronic way to call the protagonist. I’ll admit this is the second time I’m playing, and only now I noticed this.

    I’m just baffled why in the damn fuck the port producers don’t just have different takes for this scene.

    Not to mention, I rewatched other events and the production team cleverly uses “the professor”, “Our professor”, etc for practicality, but decided to go with this shit when referring to the MC at that point.

    If anyone happens to know the Japanese script of this event (Battle of Sealed Forest), then that would be nice. I’m very curious of what the Japanese team have done in this part.

    The latest trailer for Three Hopes gave me hope when the narrator refer to the MC, but I’m still worried after I found this out.


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    I’m not seeing it. What are you referring to that’s woke?

    I’ve played thru the game twice now and haven’t encountered anything that gave me concern


    When the others refer to the protagonist as “them”, instead of depending on what your choice in the beginning.

    In my first playthrough, I missed it because I was still shocked at the sealing spell beforehand. But now playing this the second time, I immediately noticed it.


    I dunno. Sounds like a reach. I think they just did that bc it’s easier than having to write 2 different codes.

    Just my opinion, but I don’t think FE is about to go woke.


    It is off-putting to read, still. However, yeah, I do hope the upcoming Three Hopes is a proper one.


    Just watched the Japanese dub for this scene, and the difference is noticable.

    Unlike the english dub, Solon calls the MC “yatsu” which means bloke, or bastard.

    While for the part with Ferdinand, he just doesn’t refer to the MC, with the other students just call the MC “sensei”.

    Guess I’m playing with Japanese dub from now on then.


    I don’t really think it is woke as much as it is that the script writers didn’t want to write two different scenarios depending on the gender of Byleth to avoid extra voice acting lines.

    In regards to Fire Emblem becoming woke, it has never been really political in terms of real world events, I mean certainly there are political elements to the games but in a similar sense that Game of Thrones is political. If you were to ask me about online content creators for Fire Emblem, the communities I’m in overwhelmingly lean left in that regard; only person I can think of that leans right is Mangs who I take umbrage with over certain events. But Fire Emblem itself tends not to lean left or right in particular and rather goes into a range of themes that are left up to interpretation of the audience.


    If you want to talk about the West’s impact on Fire Emblem, it certainly is a thing. It started with the implementation of same-sex marriage in Fates, and continued with gay character Leon in Echoes and several romance options in Three Houses. As for the culture of Japan, I am not certain that the acceptance of homosexuality is as far as it is in the West. That being said I wouldn’t say these actions are as “woke” as they are just trying to appeal to a Western audience that increasingly desires homosexual options, which is no doubt a result of the audience garnered with the implementation of marriage options to an avatar in Awakening. Fire Emblem is a relatively niche franchise from its inception to now, even if Three Houses’ release brought its audience range to new heights. Same sex marriage is just a way that the developers tried to appeal to Western audiences to increase the amount of people that bought their game. I personally see no issue with these marriage changes in Fates and Three Houses, as they do not negatively impact the story and is just an option for certain players to make if they so desire. Likewise Leon in Echoes does not hurt the game in terms of story but rather helps it to have a more diverse cast of characters with different personalities (which I find funny that I’m this phrase using unironically), and its not like every character in Echoes tries to beat you over the head with “THE MESSAGE”. Overall I think Fire Emblem has progressed with the audience it garnered but it isn’t really woke as much as it is just trying to appeal to people for sales. And the audience it currently has is much different than when it first started in Japan, as now some play it to ship certain characters.


    It’s just that, if this kind of thing occurs less than a handful time, then why not do that properly too. If the English script writers can’t be bothered to do the basic manner correctly, then I can’t be bothered to at least play with English dub.

    Yes, the game itself is fine, but the English port can be twisted, as this is the example.

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