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    GPrime is right. And I got to say Conservatives need to start understanding anime and Manga and get their entertainment from there. Except for Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, Allie B Stuckey, and Jackson Hinkle.

    Since I’m not going to lie, conservatives need to stop being reliant on western entertainment as well as stop getting their entertainment from it.

    I’ve been noticing that from This Aldo guy, Amala Ekpunobi, Taylor Trandahl, Lauren Chen, and many others. I got to say they need to be stop being reliant on Western entertainment & get their entertainment somewhere else.


    You raise a valid point here. I’ve been an anime fan since the early 1980’s. Many of these establishment conservative types seem to depend on western entertainment. Even though it’s become increasingly woke.

    Meanwhile Anime and such are continuing to chug along just fine. Yet they seem unable to get it through their skulls. AAnd this si why indeed speakinga s a classical liberal (Libertarian/conservative).

    I’m seeking to make my own stuff and even want to have it turned into anime. Because I udnertsand the importance of this culture war.


    Spot on. Good sir. The reason I said it because I notice people like this Aldo guy, Amala Ekpunobi, Taylor Trandahl, Lauren Chen, and Many others being reliant on it. I got to say they got to stop being reliant on it and get their entertainment somewhere else despite that I’m not sure if I trust Aldo nor distrust him.


    It seems like it’s been a long while since I’ve really watched a western TV show, by that I mean a show from the US or Europe or any neighbors, outside sometimes sports. So few of them really interest me any more.

    I’m an anime fan, but even in anime I’m hardly indiscriminate in what I watch. A lot of it is, for example, heavy in fan service or other kinds of inappropriate sexual stuff. I try to avoid that kind of stuff.

    Still, when anime gets it right, it gets it very right. While the movie does have its faults, few movies more effectively show the good and bad of our tech and our usage of social media than Belle, and few show how wounds suffered even years ago can still cause pain and bad decisions than A Silent Voice. I enjoy the way that various ethical and philosophical views are briefly explored in Kino’s Journey, and even Christian movies rarely explore sin and forgiveness as deeply as Haibane Renmei. Finally, in either media or in real life, I’ve seen very, very few better examples of how a couple should treat each other than the main couple in Snow White With The Red Hair.

    Anime isn’t monolithic, and a conservative who ventures into it should go into it with eyes open, and not be too surprised if they find some distasteful stuff, but they should also know that there is very good stuff out there, and the good stuff is very often well worth hunting for (though not worth paying Crunchyroll to view early).



      I’ve seen the people being utterly ridiculous about Anime and Manga. It’s demonic, it’s for pedo’s, blah blah blah.

      Anime and Manga are no different than any other genre of entertainment. There is wholesome feel good stuff, kid related stuff, there is well written and thought provoking, horror, sci-fi, there is erotic and adult stuff, and stuff beyond that as well. NO different than American cartoons and comics. Except for the fact that they are BETTER and honestly even more of a broad spectrum than the American stuff. For some people, some conservatives and some not, to mislabel Anime and Manga as well as the people who enjoy it shows utter ignorance. They clearly know nothing about the genre to have an opinion about it. It’s no different than the nonsense they spewed in the 80’s about Heavy Metal with tipper Gore and the PMRC (ya, i’m old).

      I recently saw a person post “People who like Anime are pedo’s”. Well, you just insulted and demonized nearly the entirety of Japan moron. It’s no different than someone saying “Anyone who voted for Trump is a racist”. It’s nonsensical.

      The fact is, Conservatives, the ones we are talking about here, should embrace Anime and Manga. They need to broaden their horizons and stop living in a box. It’s also for the most part NONE-Woke, and that should get their attention right a way.


      Spot on @DarthVengeant Also, I know about the fucker who said Anime is for pedos. I made a video calling his anti-anime.


      Conservatives generally don’t make an effort to understand anything that’s not “muh bibble”.

      Conservatives went on a crusade against video games, horror movies, rap, techno / electronic music and now anime and manga all the while sucking Disney’s corporate dick.

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        I am not sure if you are just trying to be inflammatory for the troll points or you actually have almost no concept of “conservative” as your assertions on the matter are laughable.

        You are painting with such a broad brush I am not sure how you can hold it.

        The “conservatives” did none of the things you claimed.  Corrupt politicians claiming to be conservatives did much of that shenanigans in the 90’s (and beyond) during the satanic panic.  And many of those same people are now on the far left beating that same drum trying to censor and control from the other direction.  Almost all of that had nothing to do with conservatives but politicians trying to gather power and control and they don’t care what they do it in the name of.

        Just because a couple of media personalities don’t get anime does not mean all people who have some sort of alignment with them politically think the same thing.  That is some serious tribal thinking.


        I am going to speak about this STRICTLY from the experiences I’ve had with Anime & the Anime Community.
        I like some Anime, my favorites will always be Evangelion, Ninja Scroll, Berserk, Akira, Ganz is also interesting. When I was in high school I also liked reading Ninja Highschool & Vampire X or something like that. Shinji Ito is a legend. So I do like Anime & I am not an anti. But I also don’t dedicate a lot of time to watch it.
        Storytelling is KING & anime does it in a way that we will never see in Movies, Western Entertainment is far too safe & far too politically fuel & over dominated by self referencing millennials & soon Zoomers (oh God)
        Now when it comes to the community, F*CK THEM COMPLETELY! I have never dealt with a more entitled & immature group of people in my life. I despise the community so much that if a NON ASIAN person contacts  me or replies or whatever to a tweet, if they are American Males or Canadian males with anime avatars, especially of little girls (the little  girl ones I usually block after looking over their profiles because  they are usually the stupidest of the  stupid with the most either overly political or current thing pushers) I don’t know what it is about those ones in particular but they unsettle  me lol. Discussing things with the community, if you don’t agree with them, is like arguing with a far leftist that has every flag & booster shot available.
        I remember a few months ago, I said that Loli-Porn is Child Porn lite. My reasoning was because they look like children, sound like children & act like children. Also keep in mind, I am Canadian, in Justine Turdeau’s Canada Loli-Porn IS Child Porn. Anything that is fake  including Age play is ILLEGAL in Canada if it plays or acts like a child in a sexual situation/setting. BRO! I got ratioed so bad, 100s of retweets, 1000s of comments all telling me I was the 1 that saw it as CP & I am the 1 that has a perverted view. I know many were also trolling me.
        I made a Movie Review video of Akira after a  friend requested it as a Christmas present to him. It took me 2 months to give in & do it because I didn’t want Anime Community members to come to my channel & start making requests to review more Anime. See a Genre’s community can absolutely sour ones experience  & subsequent view on certain things.
        So instead now I watch my Anime in private lol.
        Anime has demonic tones & stories, what people don’t get is that SO DO AMERICAN MOVIES & SHOWS. They think because it has demonic tones that it is demonic & promotes Satanism. It doesn’t. There is usually a Good guy in the story that challenges that evil or the IP shows you the outcome of a world that is overtaken & dominated by evil.
        The other thing is, unfortunately they are cartoons & “Sophisticated” people see it a lesser genre or art form. But they do love the Simpsons & Family Guy or South Park. When are confronted by that, they say: “It’s different because it’s delivering a message or social commentary on things going on!” (turns nose upwards  at you) But that is also what Anime does, but it’s generally not OUR politics of ideologies they target ;)

        (Side-note, I am against Community Think in general, including gaming & art communities, be your own person!)
        That’s my take.


          Good take @GiggaVega

          I think anime is like anything else.  It’s not all good or all bad and whether you like it is preference.  I actually like Anime.  I tend to like the movies more than the series and obviously that art form is really about the series.  I have a few favorites I watch from time to time (all time fav is “Vampire Hunter D”) and a small collection of movies I enjoy.  I peek at new stuff from time to time to see if it like it as well.  But I am with you 100%.  I am totally against not anime as a whole but where it turns into child porn.  I really do not care for any of it that is super sexualized.   And I have no issues with it presenting demons.  I believe demons exist so as long as it’s not encouraging satanism it does not bother me personally.

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