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    These are the same fucks who closed my gym for 8 months only to open it up less than 2 weeks ago.

    The ‘news’ stated that all gyms in my city will be FORCED TO CLOSE again on SAT.


    Oh, and this update.

    There are 240 in our hospitals, with 54 of those in the ICU.

    This in 106 acute care hospitals with 8,515 acute care beds, with 272 ICU beds (normally) with as many as 1,081 ICU beds made available if necessary.


    Our health “experts” added this, when talking about our health care people:

    Friday that 1,205 workers have tested positive for COVID-19 out of 124,055 total employees…

    That means about one per cent of the entire workforce has had the virus.

    4 of those required hospitalization, but none in the ICU.

    None of these staff were admitted to ICU and all four have since been discharged from hospital and have recovered

    … as of Friday, there were 437 active cases among health-care workers. That includes anyone who self-reports as a health-care worker when they’re being tested … such as long-term care or pharmacy workers.

    And the medical/health-care workers are calling for a “circuit-breaker” style lockdown to happen, which the lead “expert” has been stating to the media.



    I am supposed to care that >1% of healthcare workers have gotten this? In Canookville?

    Yea no. I need to go back to the gym and get healthy again.


    From my previous reply:

    This in 106 acute care hospitals with 8,515 acute care beds, with 272 ICU beds (normally) with as many as 1,081 ICU beds made available if necessary.

    And now we get being reported, as of this morning:

    The active case count in the province now sits at 10,382. Of those, 284 ### are in hospital, 61 of whom are in ICU.

    The number of ### in ICU has more than quadrupled in the past month, with just 15 admissions this time in October. ### currently has 70 ICU beds set aside for COVID-19 patients , meaning just 13 per cent remain available.

    Wait a minute!

    With 272 ICU beads normally available, with ability to create more than 700 more, they are calling only 13 percent left a reason to force a new lockdown.

    Double speak and misleading the public.

    And if people do not keep up on what they say, they will get away with doing all sorts of things.


    Over the weekend, our chief medical office stated that to-date, 1% of our population has tested positive for Covid.

    So the percentage of those who require a hospital stay, or even time in the ICU, is a fraction of that number.


    And they are still doing the “sky is falling” to the media.

    They so do want to control people!


    1% infected.
    99.95% recovery rate.

    Only 6% who died did so FROM the bioweapon.

    Im not interested in lockdowns. Anyone who calls for one is the enemy of freedom.


    OH look.

    The non-binary boy who cried wolf, went boo hoo hoo all the way home, cause its feeling got hurt by scientific facts.


    tHe EvIl dEMoCrAtS cReAtEd CoViD tO CoNtRoL aNd TaKe OvEr ThE wOrLd lIkE aN eViL cArToOn ViLlAiN.

    Straight facts indeed. I’d call that a psychosis but whatever floats your boat my guy.


    Well, sometime this afternoon, our “overlords” will update us, the taxpayers, what they say we need to do to stop this second wave.

    Our local Mayor has been wanting to declare a local “state of emergency” for some time now, and is hoping the news from the capital will allow him to do so.


    Oh, I can’t wait to hear what they have for us next.


    Last week, the news up here reported that covid has now killed more than those of the Spanish Influenza of 1918.


    But a google search says a different story.

    4,000 died of Spanish Flu where I live, and a total of 50,000 country wide.

    While our Chief medical officer said today 1,000 people here has died from Covid, and 15,100 country wide.


    And worldwide:

    40,000,000 died from the Spanish flu (1918)

    1,770,000 died from Covid (2020).


    What a bunch of lying media!


    Russia admits they have approximately 3x more deaths than previously reported


    And the CCP will never admit to the actual death rate.

    Then you have the theories that Covid numbers are inflated… (see other threads for that discussion).


    Well of course using the ‘new math’ that the commies created smaller numbers are now ‘larger’ than bigger numbers.
    Spanish flu killing 40 million people in 1918 when we refused to lock the economy and fought a world war is good while 1.7 million with full economic murder of the business world (except fortune 500 fucks) is bad.

    The Lamestream media is full Pravda.


    How many cell phones have stopped transmitting in ChiCom now? At one point the number was reported as 10 million.
    Since we know that the Chicoms welded buildings shut to contain the ‘plague’the number of dead in Chicom is going to be massive when we finally get answers 100 years from now.


    Which threads?

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