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    Anyone worried about the AstraZeneca vaccine?

    Estimates from Europe, where AstraZeneca has seen widespread use, peg the incident rates for blood clots at between one-in-100,000 and one-in- 250,000, compared with about one-in-four patients hospitalized with COVID-19 who develop a clot.

    Not only do we have concerns for long-term side effects of these drugs, we also have to worry about blood clots.

    And how worried are we?

    …most recent shipment of 175,400 AstraZeneca doses, only 35,700 doses have been used, leaving nearly 140,000 doses unaccounted for.

    Wait a moment?

    1-in-4 covid hospitalizations results in a patient getting a blood clot!  Is that true?


    Still going UP!  Damn this third wave.

    *** *** ***

    17,935 active cases

    451 being treated in hospitals of which 103 are in intensive care

    150,820 Recovered cases

    2,040 deaths

    *** *** ***


    10,081 active cases

    425 being treated in hospitals of which 127 are in intensive care

    105,291 Recovered cases

    1,530 deaths


    I forgot to mention, we have had a CONFIRMED case of a person getting a blood clot from the AstraZeneca vaccine (with a total of 2 nation wide).

    That is two too many, IMO.


    I POSTED THIS on the book of fascist, making fun of the “Shot”. People were calling me alarmist, and other choice words for not getting the Experimental Gene Therapy known as “covid vaccine” 2 of them are in the Hosp with Blood Clots… They are not calling me names now.  Others are now worried about what they really got…. Say what you want about FDA but they never before rushed anything like this because they error on the side of safety. Now from fear of a illness with a 99.9998% survival rate, they rushes and see what is happen and who knows what might.

    Did you take the Covid-19 Shot?

    You may be entitles to compensation if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms.

    Are you experiencing: ataxia, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, fever, nystagmus disorder, sedated state, viral infection, blurred vision, diplopia, peripheral edema, tremor, amblyopia, irritability, xerostomia. uncontrollable erections “and not a teenage boy” Abnormal vision, anxiety, behavior change similar to drunkenness, bleeding of the eye, blurred vision, bone pain, breast enlargement, seeing little green men, longing for Donald Trump, fainting or faintness, fast, irregular, or pounding heartbeat, feeling of something in the eye, prolonged, painful erection of penis, redness, burning, or swelling of the eyes, redness, itching, or tearing of the eyes, restless sleep, seeing shades of colors differently than before sensitivity to light “and not a Vampire”, Blood Clots,shakiness, skin lesions with swelling, skin paleness, trouble breathing, twitching of the muscles, unusual feeling of burning or stinging of the skin
    vision loss, temporary

    Then Contact the law firm of Sheep and Lemmings, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.


    @Mustangride1 except the government has issued the makers of this “vaccine” immune to lawsuits. It was the only way to get them to release the “vaccine” as quickly as they did.


    Oh I am well aware of it.


    Big Pharm thinks they are immune from lawsuits; yet the DNC is demanding that gun manufacturers be sued for Unlawful use by he end user which is not the manufacturers problem.

    They cant have both.


    Damn this third wave has now got more active cases than in the second wave!

    *** *** ***

    21,385 active cases (previous high 20,976 on Dec. 13’20)

    632 being treated in hospitals of which 151 are in intensive care

    165,267 Recovered cases

    2,075 deaths

    *** *** ***


    7,996 active cases

    503 being treated in hospitals of which 178 are in intensive care

    118,937 Recovered cases

    1,577 deaths


    May 14th:

    22,993 active cases

    686 being treated in hospitals of which 178 are in intensive care

    192,688 Recovered cases

    2,140 deaths

    *** *** ***


    5,548 active cases

    387 being treated in hospitals of which 141 are in intensive care

    130,953 Recovered cases

    1,634 deaths


    If you want to make it simple 2.7 and 5.4 % are Covid Only! That is sited by CDC and other State Agencies, though now you really have to dig to find where they said it. This was stated back from Aug to Sept, If you extract for Nursing Homes and Prisons/Jails it actually was at about 2.2%….. With better understanding and treatment that number is now dependent on the state sitting around 1.2 to 1.8 percent cumulative since the start.

    Remove again the Nursing Homes and Prisons/Jails and health care workers it is even less… Here in Arkansas for instance we have had
    338,687 cases
    4,596 deaths
    Total mortality rate 1.3%

    4,596 – Nursing Home 2,081 – Prison Jails 60 – Health care workers 79 total = 2,376
    Total mortality rate .70% that (POINT 07%)

    Now 81.4% of those who died in Arkansas were over 65 years of age = 3,742
    874 Under 65
    Total mortality rate .25% that (POINT 25%)

    Those are all easily verifiable by News Reports, and the States Covid Tracker.


    I did get some “official” numbers from up here in Canada.


    Page four.

    It list breakdown:

    89% had at least one other health condition or complication

    Of all deaths:

    36% had Alzheimer’s

    15% had hypertensive diseases

    14% had ischemic heart disease

    11% had chronic lower respiratory diseases

    that means 26% died of other causes…

    But listing the Mortality Rate does not give off the FEAR they want everyone to have.

    That is way the legacy media only reports on the TOTAL infections and TOTAL Deaths, and it moves their agenda.


    You are also missing the #1 leading comorb “Diabetes”

    I did see the other thread, but as both have numbers I just added them here.

    If the nations kept track of the Flu the way they do Covid each winter around the world people would be in a panic. So many go to work and have forever with it and never see a doctor. FEAR has allowed for this and nothing more. The numbers do not support what has happened the last year and a half.


    May 23rd:

    14,533 active cases

    581 being treated in hospitals of which 162 are in intensive care

    207,486 Recovered cases

    2,176 deaths

    2,506,919 people received their first dose of the vaccine while 351,541 fully immunized (2 doses)

    out of full population 48.2% and 7.9%.

    *** *** ***


    4,507 active cases

    319 being treated in hospitals of which 107 are in intensive care

    135,068 Recovered cases

    1,667 deaths

    2,744,020 people received their first dose of the vaccine while 142,406 fully immunized (2 doses)

    out of full population 55.5% and 3.2%


    Quite the decrease in active cases in just the two day.

    Back on May 7th we had  23,623 active cases.  So in this two weeks we had cut our active cases almost in half.


    12,078 active cases

    565 being treated in hospitals of which 158 are in intensive care

    210,764 Recovered cases

    2,192 deaths

    *** *** ***


    3,782 active cases

    301 being treated in hospitals of which 93 are in intensive care

    137,062 Recovered cases

    1,680 deaths


    Nice decrease in active cases in the last few days.

    …more than 2.5 million doses of vaccine. It has reported one fatality and tracked 385 “adverse events” experienced by people who got injections…

    That is 1 death and 385 adverse events too many, IMO.

    *** *** ***

    10,017 active cases

    538 being treated in hospitals of which 150 are in intensive care

    213,721 Recovered cases

    2,199 deaths

    *** *** ***


    3,543 active cases

    296 being treated in hospitals of which 97 are in intensive care

    137,929 Recovered cases

    1,690 deaths

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