Covid vs. Influenza

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    Here it is, and on Nov.13 they finally started to report on Influenza cases.

    There have been no lab-confirmed cases of influenza reported in … so far this flu season.

    Weekly data released by … Health Services Thursday showed there have been zero lab-confirmed cases of influenza and no hospitalizations yet this season.

    … a medical officer of health with … Health Services, said the data doesn’t necessarily mean there is no influenza circulating in Alberta, it means that it hasn’t yet been detected.

    OH, really?

    And for comparison:

    … 920 cases of lab-confirmed influenza had been reported by Nov. 10, 2018 and 205 people were admitted to hospital across … No deaths from the flu had been reported at this time in 2018.

    920 cases – 205 hospitalized – 0 deaths

    So does that mean Covid has cured us of Influenza?

    Or are those numbers being mixed into those of Covid?


    So far 1,142,419 people here got the shots.

    Last year 1,438,866 people here got the shots.

    Current Population: 4,428,247.


    The WuFlu numbers are still being padded with every form of natural deaththey think they can get away with.

    We locked down the economy over a failed Bioweapon that is less dangerous than the real flu. We allowed shitstains like ‘Dr Fucki’ to grow rich off our suffering.


    Just look at all those that have made millions and billions of this.

    And who suffered the most.

    An attack on the middle and lower class, to control and manipulate.


    So not only do we communicate on-line, we date on-line, we socialize on-line, we play on-line, we watch movies/tv on-line, and not the big push to get everyone to purchase on-line.


    Social Engineering at its worst, IMO.


    Flu cases in Canada ‘exceptionally low’ so far, public health says

    No surprise here;

    At this point in last year’s flu season, Canada had already recorded 711 positive cases of influenza.

    So far this year, there have been just 17.

    I am surprised we even have 17, to be perfectly honest.

    Many health experts feared that a fall wave of COVID-19 would not only be worse than the first wave in the spring, but that it would come just as seasonal flu infections started to spread, making it impossible for hospitals to keep up.

    Well, with more places open, and winter being know for people getting sick, duh.

    Signs from the Southern Hemisphere, which gets hit with flu season first, were reason to hope the “twindemic” wasn’t going to happen here.

    New Zealand said its flu infections were down 99.8 per cent, and in Australia, lab-confirmed cases of flu were down 93 per cent. In 2019, more than 800 Australians died of the flu. In 2020, that number to date is 36.

    South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases reported only one case of the flu out of about 4,000 random surveillance tests performed. Most years the program detects about 1,000 cases.

    Once again, with health experts stressing the need to stay home if felling sick, wearing masks in public, wash your hands everywhere, etc.

    Those guidelines work perfectly with the Flu as it does with covid.

    Hopefully here in the west, some people compiling the data does not place them into one.

    The numbers of death reported is already compromised (see other threads where it was explained).


    The numbers have always been suspicious. Yes, Corona is real and people have died from it, but the numbers of unrelated cases being added onto the actual total is deceptive. The media has lied and scared people over something that isn’t nearly as deadly as they’ve claimed.


    Well since only 6% of the deaths are FROM the WuFlu the numbers wouldnt have supported a lockdown unless they were padded.


    Originally, the “experts” were saying over 2 Millions Americans would died for Covid before the end of the year, IIRC.

    They were only able to get the official numbers to 250,000 as of this week.

    And it is documented, like @MrDragonbane stated, only something like 6% actually died from it.  (And not they had covid but died by car accident, heart attack, etc.).


    The 2 million number was stupid when Dr Fucki spit it out of his face. The padded death numbers are just his office covering their ass for their horrid failure in doing their jobs.


    It was all fear-mongering, to make people do their bidding.

    The need to control people is high on their list of “must-do”.


    Well, the US only just now crossed the 800K deaths linked/listed to Covid.  No where near the expert’s forecast 2.2Million dead before the end of 2020!

    And while the fear mongering on the omni-variant wave and an actual flu season is ramping up….

    Does anyone think the flu with return after taking a year off?

    Or is it more “Chicken Little’s.. the sky is falling!” Doomsayers!

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