Criminal Lives Matter – yours does not

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    People need to stop watching the MSM and thinking these are your average “criminals”.  I work in the legal system, the reality is America is a police state and 70% of first time prisoners are non-violent first time offenders.   People get sent to prison for next to nothing in America.

    The reality is the middle class and poor of America are being decimated by the legal system.  Learn when you are being manipulated.  I find it very funny that the same people complaining here are the same people that will complain about the fake news media.  Well guess who is always pushing the worst of the worst cases and making them seem it is common?  The very same fake news media.

    Americans are stupid by and large.  You live in a police state with 1/3rd of the world’s prisoners right now and you want more prisoners and at the same time you think you are free.

    It is stupidity and most of you have no clue what you are talking about because you never worked in a courtroom or stepped into a prison to see for yourselves the real world reality of things.  No wonder your elections get stolen right in front of your faces.  This nation is so easily misled.

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    “Americans are stupid by and large”

    Not sure what your intent is here but you are not going to insult or shame anyone into change. Silence yes, change no.

    Plus you are wrong. It’s not a lack of intelligence Americans suffer from. Lack of information and misinformation yes. So are Americans stupid? NO. Are they easily fooled? Seems the answer to that is yes. But the root of that is there are so many trying to fool you so people have to learn to screen out the nonsense. And that I think that is in progress, question is will it happen in time.

    And yes I worked around and in a jail for several years.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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