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    Lets hear it, the worst of the worst in cringe


      Bucky and Steve’s ending in Endgame.   I mean Steve fought for his best friend through all the films and then ditched him for a chick who liked  him for about 10 minutes after he got buff?  Production was so cheap they did not even fight next to each other in the big battle.  Sorry but it just kinda ruined the whole “End of the Line” theme.


      The “woman power” scene in Endgame.  Forced, unnecessary, and cringe as all hell.  I still can’t believe they actually did that.  It made no sense in the context of that battle.


      Definitely when all the ladies show up on the battlefield in endgame. So unnecessary and forced imo


        And how in blazes do you do an all female scene without Natasha?  I mean really?  They should have killed off Hawkeye.


        seeing thor as a washed out fat looser, from that point on he was not the thor we knew, they  could not have emasculated him anymore than what we saw in endgame…


        Not to mentions the green man bad move with the hulk…

        lets just say marvel is now heading irrelevance now miss marvel is going to happen, not to depress your further soon and mark my words this will happen squirrel girl $;$*, then beyond this line abandon all hope there be krakens aka brie larson.



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        fans love natasha so how can we be allowed to have that.. use your head..


        The entirety of Thor: Ragnarok and lots of scenes in the second Guardians of the Galaxy. Endgame’s feminist scene and turning Thor into a fat drunk and Hulk into a cuck.


        Captain Marvel as a whole


          Everything from Marvel is cringe since Disney took over. It’s sooo bad I don’t understand how so many people like it..


          This. By far the worst…and anytime the assless plank of wood sneered her way across the screen.


          Anything that has Brie Larson in the MCU is cringe. This means Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel. She was an unnecessary addition to the MCU and Black Widow should still be alive. I do not understand why we have a Black Widow movie in the past when the actual character is dead in the present.


          The all women scene in Endgame was cringe since it didn’t have Natasha Romanoff. She’s probably the most popular MCU female character so the fact that they didn’t include her made the scene feel forced.


          Casting Queen Brie for the MCU. She’s the worst.

          And the skrull plottwist at the end of SM: Far From Home. Hated that shit.


          The “What are those?” scene from Black Panther. It was cringy and outdated then, and it’s cringy and outdated now

        Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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