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    Totally! Didn’t even think of that scene.


    All of this I admit the first run I found Thor fat hilarious and Professor Hulk the humor in dark times, after several re-watches I was seeing the movement they were trying to push for, very unnecessary, and the whole “she’s not alone” super cringe, it was forced and not needed.


    Captain Marvel


    Brie Larson’s haircut in endgame… among other things obviously lol

    The bit in Thor 2 where the scientist guy runs around naked on live tv 😂


    I was gonna say exactly this.


    The part of Spiderman Homecoming, when they decided that MJ is an SJW so she refuses to go into the Washington Memorial because it was “built by slaves”

    I mean, what do you expect anyone to do about the fact that the founding fathers were slave owners. Funny how these SJW types, will turn around and have no problem tweeting about these things on iphones, which were built by slaves in our lifetime. We can actually boycott stuff that’s being made by slaves now, but oh, wanna focus on dead white guys? Okayyyy.

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      They also made Nick Fury lame in Captain Marvel. Everything about his character is wrong in that movie. A cat did that to his eye, really?


      Captain Marvel and her Haircut in Endgame sucked  Indeed, i Like it in the  Comics, however the former Captain  Marvel whas way more interesting, as Rogue  and Captain Marvel where eachothers enemy bigtime, they should have made a movie about that, but Afcourse Brie  didn’t Like the skimpy outfit, better to Leave that too Kenzie Taylor sometime


      Sorry, my reply whas ment to Angry_Vader


      The yay wahmen charge in Endgame. Speaks for itself. People groaned aloud in my theater at the premier. One person clapped and someone else called them a pussy for doing so. Summed it all up pretty perfectly.


      There is multiple years of Steve in the army that they don’t show in Captain America: The First Avenger. Which means Peggy and Steve knew each other for at least a few years and there relationship probably develops a lot off screen.


        Captain Marvel was NOT necessary for Endgame.  They could have figured a way for Tony and Nebula to get to earth, like Starlord’s ship in working “jumping” order.  She was forced in.  Brie was not needed at all.  She detracted from Tony Stark’s sacrifice.  I also didn’t like the Hulk breakfast scene.  Uncomfortable for poor Ant Man.

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