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    Another great video by the Critical Drinker:


    I can remember we saw some of the 1999 ‘The Mummy’ at school once years ago. Better than that horrible one that was recently released…and yes it did suck because Brenden Fraiser wasn’t in it😂


    One of my favorite movies. I have it in 4k actually.


    I agree with everything he says on this one:

    I too don’t see a problem with Fan Service if done right. That was one of the reasons why I ended up considering to watch ‘Rogue One’ because of how many people were commenting on the Darth Vader scene towards the end of the film. It’s probably the only Disney Star Wars film I’d actually watch because of that one scene where Vader is basically being more brutal than I’ve ever seen him before in anything outside the comics (which I’ve not read but am a bit hesitant in getting). It seems to me that Vader is the only Star Wars character that Disney haven’t managed to screw up…yet.


    I pretty much have liked every movie I’ve seen with Brendan Frasier. It isn’t even whether the movie is good. I just like the personality he puts across. It is unfortunate that he had to go through some terrible shit with his divorce. Hopefully, he gets some good roles in the near future.



    The first film I ever saw at the cinema was ‘George of the Jungle’ which had him in. I’ve been going to the cinema since…right up until the “pandemic” that was.




    Fan service is like spices.

    Too much and you can actually make your product weaker. Use none or little, and you can get out of the situation with a terribly bland product (sound familiar?)


    Just the right amount, or even simply near it, and you’re enhancing the experience of everyone who will partake in your finished product.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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