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    Critical Drinker’s Take on She-Hulk



    I really am getting Sex and the City vibes from this. Basically a half hour of middle age women nonstop  trash talking, moping about their sex life and much like Ghostbusters 2016 never shutting up. CGI and production values look awful.
    She Hulk is a hard character to get to work. I could see her work in a James Gunn type of setting with ridiculous characters or as a 4th wall breaking deadpool like character.

    I don’t see her working in a dramatic setting, because she has no obstacles. She’s super smart and super strong, so really, what challenges are there? Besides thu patriarchy and bad dates of course.
    The interesting part about the Hulk is that he is not smart (or even in control) when he is strong and not strong when he is smart. That gives him an obstacle and vulnerability. A hero needs an achilles heel. She Hulk doesn’t have any.


    basically, it’s a show for grown-ass women but they’re promoting it to kids… Kids don’t need to know about tinder… lol. This will get a lot of kids on tinder getting groomed and who knows what else.


    I keep getting trailers for this stupid show on YouTube!


    Mr. H reviewed this one as well on a few videos. Here is Ryan. The destruction of Marvel and Star Wars by Disney is fascinating. I never knew product this bad was even possible. Marvel had a truly great run though, but it’s over. There is no going back. The decline is very clear and steep. If it was not for Top Gun: Maverick, I would think the ability to even craft good movies was an ability that the USA no longer has.








    i saw clips of this garbage on twitter lol geez… it’s captain marvel all over again… “omg poor me, im a woman, men are bad buahh” lazy writing, avoid this trash…

    they think everyone is retarded so they dont care about making quality content… it’s just the same shit again and again.


    What makes it even funnier is that the writers that they hired didn’t even know anything about law and order! I guess they couldn’t be bothered doing research on the subject!


    Matt Walsh makes a video on the topic. It was so rushed. A couple drops of blood was all it took. I was ok with the girly scenes where the girls help her in the bathroom and then at the end, when her colleague told her to be sure to save the shoes. The shoe thing was the only time I chuckled a little bit. Other fans have mentioned it already, but this show, even with the bad CGI, had vast potential. They just don’t have it, but if this show took The Boys route, and actually mocked and was parody of all those chick shows, it would be awesome. As of now, this one goes up there with Loki and Ms. Marvel in terms of how fast I dump it. It’s cringe. Also, what is weird is that Wonder Woman with Linda Carter was just a little bit before my time and I watch clips of it on youtube, and it’s so bad that it’s actually good. The effects and acting is corny, but it actually entertains. That is something to think about, that today’s shows cannot even beat those of the 70s? They should have it down to a formula of what works after all this time. Marvel used to be so good. One generation later, it looks pretty bad.


    Gary’s latest video. Nerdrotic with a pretty fair assessment. Sometimes, I am reluctant to comment because I think, is it just me, or is this all just totally off?

    Here’s what bothers me most about all of this, and for no reason, I get a bit emotional about it. Look at the Hulk show of the 70s. There is no CGI and apparently, no budget. Just characters and acting. Dealing with actual gritty topics. Also, that final scene. At the end of this clip, you see Banner hunched over and it looks like right off of one of the old comic panels.


    This show would feel less repetitive if Bruce didn’t steal Jennifer’s character wholesale in Endgame.  Messing him up so badly makes her ultimately feel unnecessary.


    Dr. Steve Turley talking about it?


    I only encountered the character a few times and really loved the issues, so I go back and read some that I never read before. It was funny because she was always   objectified. In this issue, she deals with some kind of paparazzi when she’s sunbathing on the roof. Just great.

    Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 09-13-29 large-3742013-3805742454 (JPEG Image 600 × 907 pixels) — Scaled (76%)


    I like how Critical Drinker immediately suggested ways to even out how the story of the opening episode has been written that apparently was completely overlooked by the original writers. If it was someone else known for subversion, I’d fully expect Jennifer’s character to go through a confidence breaking crash with reality after how she’s been portrayed in this episode, but I don’t feel like the show’s creators have the guts to do that even if every fiber of my writer side screams at me that’s how I’d do it if given this initial episode to continue upon.

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