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    I ended up getting drafted into seeing the Cruella Movie with the family at the Drive-Inn so here’s my thoughts.

    Child Cruella has a massive ego and her selfish actions cause big trouble and the death of her mother, homeless she joins up with two homeless boy’s and she uses her “genius” to take the boy’s life of crime to criminal success.

    Ok so at this point I’m thinking they want us to empathise with Cruella but you’ve only showed me she was always evil and her actions get others hurt or even killed.

    She’s now an adult and the two boy’s are her criminal henchman but she wants to be a big fashion designer and not a criminal so one of the henchman somehow gets her a job at a big fashion store as a cleaner so she can get a chance to show her talent to someone.

    After many failed attempts she stays in the store over night and gets drunk, after trashing the dress in the front window she passes out and the boss is about to fire her but the super bitch owner turns up and likes it so now Cruella is working in the factory as a designer for super bitch.

    Super bitch runs around all day demanding better and flashier designs so she can be the center of attention all day everyday and now Cruella is completly smitten with super bitch and does everything to show off her abilities, the more she shows off the more we see a problem coming, super bitch would never let Cruella become famous because that would take the attention away from super bitch.

    This is the part of the movie where i think the story got better so for plot reasons i won’t give it away.

    In the end my final thoughts are they were trying to get me to sympathise with Cruella and be on her side but i can’t do that because of what she becomes in the original animated movie, this girl always had evil in her and there is no hero in this story but two villians Cruella vs Super Bitch, the prize is the whole towns attention firmly fixed on the victor, the whole movie felt like they where trying to justify her accepting the darkness within but how do you justify what she becomes in 101 Dalmatians…you can’t and that’s why this movie didn’t work.

    The portayal of Cruella and Super Bitch was pretty good and i think if this wasn’t a Cruella movie and just a stand alone movie about a deeply troubled girl who turns towards darkness for revenge than i think it would’ve been a solid movie, you can’t justify what she try’s to do in 101 Dalmations and with that knowledge how can i get behind a villain’s origin knowing what they become? it can be done so some extent but this didn’t work.


    I’m a massive fan of ‘101 Dalmatians’ and it was the original 1996 live action remake that put me off Disney live action remakes and live action remakes in general (depending on how they go about them) as a child. The only thing I liked about it was Gleen Close as Cruella and all those adorable puppies. I’ve been hesitant about this film for months because of that (and whether or not it’s going to be in your face woke)…and they can NEVER seem to do ‘101 Dalmatians’ right as a live action film even though Emma Stone looks good in the part.


    I think Emma did a great job I can’t fault her at all.


    From what I’ve seen, a lot of people on YT after watching the film it wasn’t as bad as it looked on the trailer. I’m still hesitant though as it looked like they were trying to knock-off Joker.


    I don’t regret watching the movie, I did get enjoyment after a while.

    Hmm now that you mention it there is some vibes to Joker in a way but I think it’s different enough that I didn’t notice.

    Joker was a broken mess but Cruella is organised and capable, Their both descending into villainy but Thier not like each other.


    I still think the BEST villains origin story is Maleficent.

    Angelina Jolie was PERFECT for that role.


    And I wish they would do something more original, than what they have been, by altering the way we see Disney Villains.


    For example, why not get the rights and do movies based off the novel series by  Liz Braswell…. a twisted tales.

    As Old As Time, Once Upon A Dream, What Once Was Mine, etc.



    I turned it off halfway through. The narration voice-over style is lazy. The accent was over the top with the purring voice. It was obnoxious. Then, the pushing of everything fem, diverse and flamboyant. It is not a movie for men at all.



    It’s not the first time Disney have knocked off a popular film or franchise (such as ‘Recess’ being ‘The Breakfast Club’ for kids and I’m pretty sure ‘Talespin’ was a knock of of ‘Top Gun’ even though it was set in WW2). Personally, I don’t mind that. It just depends on how they go about it.


    I admit that I enjoyed the first Maleficent film. Was hesitant on watching the second one because I was hearing people saying that it was woke. I’m still wating for them to do one on Frollo from ‘Hunchback’ but I’m guessing that they’d be very hesitant about that for obvious reasons. Hades would be another one I’d like to see an origin story of (yes I’m aware of the Hercules remake…and I don’t know whether to be terrified or not as it’s my favourite Disney animated film and I DON’T want them de-masculating him! Yes I know he was no saint in the original story…but still…). Hmm, the name of the author sounds familiar.


    i was about to watch it but then i see it’s +2h long… and i don’t want to waste time with that, so i just fast forward to some parts… saw black anita, saw the tranny, saw fake dogs made with poor cgi, saw the believe all women narrative and the all white men bad narrative.. and then i turned it off and went to read a book.

    about emma, she’s okay but i’m starting to realize her acting is always the same, all over again. watchign this movie, there was no big differences from her role in The Favourite for example…


    I started to watch and felt woke and girl power so fast I looked at my wife and told her im going in the other room and find something else. Her reply was turn this, its so clear where it is going.

    I have never seen a remake of an original I like, it is the “Original” for a reason and if you have to keep remaking things its because you have no imagination to come up with something new. There is always exceptions such as technology or to tell the original work in its entirety  (I would have no problem if they could shoot and add the Scouring to LOTR), this would be more a ” Special Edition Directors Cut” though than remake. (DUNE is coming up and maybe technology will allow it to be told right) it is one of the very very few movies that needed technology in filming and cgi to be told right, 1984 version was ok for the time, 2000 mini-series was horrible. Plus its the “Hold my Beer” movie as fans know it is said to be a book that would be impossible to bring to stage.

    We need creators with imagination and no agenda, escapism is why we watch a movie or show, we want o be taken away during the story from our lives to the life of the story.





    Sabrina Maddeaux: RIP Cruella de Vil, a victim of Disney’s criminal sanitation business

    RIP Cruella de Vil. Last week, one of the world’s all-time great villains passed away, leaving behind an unfillable void in the field of chain-smoking, rageaholic puppy killers. It was not a natural death.

    How did she die?

    The cause: political correctness. The perpetrator? The notorious House of Mouse, known on the streets as “Disney,” a corporate gang that contracts rebranding hit jobs on animated villains. Like many criminal outfits, the sanitation business is their bread and butter.

    Stop the slaughter!

    Cruella suffered a slow, tortuous death of a thousand cuts to her character. The murder was recorded as a snuff film, which callously bears her name and is marketed as an origin story.

    Oh the Horror!

    There were many examples of this.

    As a final indignity, Disney took her face. Once widely recognized for the “curl in her lips” and “ice in her stare,” her captors gave her a new look. One of goofy likability: Emma Stone.

    By the end of it all, Cruella was unrecognizable — not even as an anti-hero. She was a proper full-fledged hero.


    Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated crime. Over the past several years, Disney embarked on an unprecedented villain-killing spree, giving evil characters sympathetic backstories and excluding them entirely from such films as Soul, Onward, and Frozen. Their M.O. is to replace them with internal demons and emotional journeys.

    Double YUCK!

    Enough is enough. Villains aren’t supposed to be politically correct; they’re supposed to be bad. Yes, even when they’re women. That’s what makes them so much fun. It’s time the public stands up for what’s right and demands an end to Disney’s criminal sanitation business before anyone else gets hurt.



    If you want to create semi-relatable stories of half-decent people turning to villainy or being broken into becoming villains, pick those of your characters for whom it may actually work, not those you can cast a cool actress in.

    Like… Ursula from the Little Mermaid or Gaston from Beauty and the Beast make WAY better candidates for even a halfway-decent Joker-esque movie than Cruella and from completely different angles. Cruella Deville is not supposed to be redeemable, just check her freaking name.

    Maleficent only half-worked because they practically rewrote the setting and gave a long lasting big name the main role. If Cruella half-works it’s because of Emma Stone.


    Honestly, better yet, don’t release those abominations at all.


    it’s very rare nowadays to watch a movie with (real) women villains or black villains… and when they exist, they make up some background story with the reason why they became villains so we can sympathize with them and forgive them and even end up supporting them (normalize criminality, long time lefty agenda). Only white men can be really evil in the movies.

    this is very clear nowadays… like in black panther… i really thought michael b jordan would be a real villain, that would be cool, for him to accept a real villain role… but in the end… they make it so he’s not really a villain, he’s a “victim”… :S

    I think blood diamond was the last movie I watched with evil black people lol
    Real woman villain, i think Cipher from The Fate of the Furious, i guess. (but it’s Charlize Theron… white sjw, she’s cool with it xD)

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