Darth Vader died! Rest in Peace!

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    Many thought Darth Vader died 1983 on the 2nd Death Star… NOPE!

    The biggest most prominent big-screen bad guy, Darth Vader / David Prowse, 85 just died this Saturday.


    Rest in Peace dark Lord, may the force be with you, always!






    He created one of the most iconic arch-villains in movie history.

    Director George Lucas saw Prowse in a small part in A Clockwork Orange and asked the almost two-metre tall actor to audition for the villainous Vader or the Wookie Chewbacca in Star Wars.

    Prowse later told the BBC he chose Darth Vader because “you always remember the bad guys.”

    Physically, Prowse was perfect for the part. His lilting English West Country accent was considered less ideal, and his lines were dubbed by James Earl Jones.

    I can recall any article mentioning if Prowse was ever truly upset with it not being his voice.  Well, he did return for two other films, so I can see that as being an issue.

    May your force ghost forever be an inspiration to all.


    I wonder how many lives he saved by being the face of the Green Cross Code Man?

    I heard that his role in Star Wars was not publicised more greatly at the time of the first film to avoid children thinking that the Green Cross Code Man was Darth Vader and being afraid of him.


    I have never heard of this Green Cross Code Man.

    Might have to google it.


    Rest in Power Lord Vader.

    I met this guy once. He was a good dude.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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