Dave Filoni Is Not the Saviour of Star Wars

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    There’s really no tactical way to put this without ticking somebody off so I’ll come right out with it. Dave Filoni is not the saviour of Star Wars. In fact I’d argue the opposite is true. He was Disney Star Wars before Disney ever came into the picture. I will be frank, I do like parts of Clone Wars. But even that show just came in and upturned what was already accepted canon and left everyone scrambing to fit it in somehow. Yes, I do like Ahsoka, but let’s be honest, Ahsoka is a retcon character herself who can be largely ignored, and she really doesn’t do much to improve Anakin’s character in the movies regardless. Not to mention why she is even still around as of The Mandalorian just makes no sense. Ahsoka was originally supposed to have died by the end of Filoni’s Clone Wars, and it was pretty much implied to be the case since not once did she ever come back in the Expanded Universe even when they tried to fold the show into continuity with The Fate of the Jedi novels where the Mortis stuff became a focal point (Ghosts of Mortis is one of the worst arcs in the show FYI). But even if you ignore the EU and go by Disney’s terrible fanfiction universe, why she’s still around still makes no sense. You mean to tell me she’d been hanging around with the Rebels well into Return of the Jedi and NOT ONCE did she ever have any kind of contact with Luke? I think he would’ve liked your help on the Death Star II, Ahsoka. Just saying. And that’s just the tip of the scheisseberg. Filoni does not pay attention to continuity. Neither his own or what was pre-established, and just throws out what already worked for inferior versions. What was the point in making Asajj Ventress a Nightsister when her character was entirely different? Don’t know. Why did Filoni replace Durge, one of the coolest bounty hunters from the Dark Horse comics and the Genndy Tartakovsky micro-series, with an even more generic character, Cad Bane? Bane is basically just alien Jango Fett in wild west attire. There’s virtually nothing different about him that can’t be found even in a half dozen other characters. Even when I first watched the show I wasn’t impressed by him, because who he ultimately replaced was so much cooler. Durge was basically John Carpenter’s The Thing stuffed in a monstrous suit of armor and he was awesome because of how creative he was and that he was a tough bastard that Obi-Wan and even Anakin had a hard time putting down. Spoiler alert: Obi-Wan and Anakin had to send Durge into a sun in order to finally kill him. And speaking of replacing what was already fine, Din Djarin from The Mandalorian is Jango Fett. No, really, he is literally a copy/paste plagiarism job of Jango Fett. His backstory is exactly the same. A kid in a Mandalorian village whose family died and was rescued by Mandalorian warriors. It only seems different at first because the variables were switched around. And don’t even get me started on what Filoni did with the Mandalorians, how like what JJ Abrams did with the New Republic in the movies they were basically altered beyond recognition to the point that Karen Traviss quit LucasFilm due to too many egregious changes to lore that she and others had previously made. Including retconning Jango and Boba Fett so as to make them not Mandalorians. Yeah yeah Filoni claimed George Lucas told him to make those changes, but that’s just “he said, she said” talk. And I have a hard time believing it was George who suggested it considering Filoni was caught lying before, on stage even, by George’s own daughter when during a panel she told him off on where he got Darth Maul’s robot legs. So if he could try and lie then, even in front of George’s own flesh and blood, then what makes you think he’s trustworthy now? Because from where I’m sitting that puts everything he’s ever said into question. Then of course there’s a mountain of other things from the B-Wing having a superlaser in Rebels that can just annihilate Star Destroyers with ease, to altering the Noghri to the point that they’re monkey men with Klingon foreheads, to the Krayt Dragon in Mandalorian now being a giant worm ripped off from Tremors instead of the quadrupedal reptiles that Krayts have long been portrayed already as (not counting the Greater Krayt which has 10 legs and actually does eat sarlaccs). It’s stuff like this that just reinforces this view, even among other anti-Disney and anti-Filoni fans, that he is a hack who just makes up the rules as he goes along. And for those of us who were invested in the universe beforehand, we don’t care what happens anymore because things can just change at the drop of a hat. And then there’s the most egregious admission that the reaons for how and why Luke died in Last Jedi came, if not at least in part, by Filoni himself. Stig-Kenobi on Twitter not long ago tweeted out his irritation (which is putting it very mildly) that Filoni fans who hated how Last Jedi treated Luke made videos for views are fakes because Filoni is unreasonably propped up as the “saviour of Star Wars” by those same folks. While I personally think Stig was being too abrasive and more blunt than a sledgehammer, his main point is ultimately correct. If you’re going to blame Disney, Abrams, Johnson, Kennedy, etc for how Luke was treated, then it stands to reason you should also put Filoni’s head on a pike for coming up with the ideas in the first place. Just like how Jeremy has said it’s okay to like Disney Wars so long as you acknowledge they’re still crappy Star Wars movies, I have to apply the same logic towards Dave Filoni. It’s okay if you like Clone Wars, Rebels, Mandalorian, etc, but Filoni is part of the problem and he already has long been part of the problem even before Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas. He’s not the “saviour” and I highly doubt Star Wars will ever get better with him since far too many times he’s been shown to have the creativity of a pube. A broken clock may be right sometimes, but it’s still a broken clock regardless. Sorry to break the illusion to all of you.

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    I just had this conversation in another thread, you do realize everything put in TCW was the George Lucas’ oversight and approval right? As long as you’re being fair like you say you are trying to be just go ahead and put a lot of that Clone Wars hate onto Lucas too. It’s fine to not like decisions, and I’m not defending the decisions in this post, but don’t blame Filoni just because he works at Disney Star Wars. If George had disagreed with anything Filoni and team came up with, it would not have appeared in the show. I bet you’d be surprised at how many decisions in that show actually came directly from George.

    Secondly, Jon Favreau had already written the outline of Mandalorian before Kennedy even put Filoni on the team, so I’m not sure where you get that Filoni is to blame for Favreau’s creative decisions of the main character’s origins in the show. Again, not defending the choices here, they just aren’t Filoni’s fault if you don’t like them.

    No, he is no “saviour” of Star Wars, he made a lot of mistakes in Rebels which he was in charge of, but ignorant Star Wars fans love to blindly blame him for everything they don’t like about Star Wars today. For the most part, the accusations are just not true.

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    And yes, I know, Jon Favreau is the big man in charge of The Mandalorian.  But he still goes through Filoni for knowledge on how everything in Star Wars is supposed to work and behave. So as far as I’m concerned they both share blame on how woefully out of wack The Mandalorian is with regards to its setting. Not helped especially when they let a Mon Calamari wear a knitted sweater that you can buy from a J. C. Penney on the set. Seriously, what the heck convinced them to say “yeah, that’s fine” and nobody tried to stop them from filming it?  The wolfman aliens in the original cut of A New Hope blended in better, and those were spare costumes they had lying around that George made use of.  And speaking of George, for those saying “George Lucas oversaw The Clone Wars,” well that’s not much of an excuse since George has, much as I hate to admit it, let dumb stuff pass by him both with and without his oversight in the past. I got two words for you: Crystal Star. Not even the most hardcore Expanded Universe fanboys like to acknowledge that blunder. So even George is not perfect himself to let even something like Waru get by him. So yeah, I maintain my stance in that the changes to the Fetts and the Mandalorians are still to blame on Dave, he shouldn’t have done it, Lucas or no. You don’t just change something that was already largely explained and accepted, and then throw it out like dumping the baby out with the bath water. It’s the complete opposite of the Midichlorians controversy since Lucas was just filling in previously unexplored gaps in how the Force worked, as opposed to just swapping parts around like Legos to make a new thing that’s less well built than the previous thing the Legos formed.

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    That was the point I was trying to make. You are allowed to not like things in Star Wars. Just don’t blame Dave when Lucas was the one that approved it all. If Dave is as much to blame as Favreau for the Mandalorian things you don’t like, Lucas is as much to blame as Filoni for TCW things you don’t like. You can’t just blame Filoni for both. He served different functions for both shows.

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      Nothing is the savior of Star Wars.  It is dead.  The reality is they screwed it up so much that it is dead.  When they decided to go PC over quality, that is when it was done for.

      I can’t look at any Star Wars product now without thinking about that woke PC feminist nonsense.  It is akin to going shopping for pizza and when you see the pizza box, you want to puke.  You aren’t going to sell many pizzas I promise you this.

      I am not even sure you could reboot the franchise.  Starting over from scratch really is not an option.  Here is why.  Not only do people still remember the woke PC feminist shit, many people simply hate Hollywood now.  I am not joking.  I studied acting in the early 90s.  Back then, people would be interested in that.  Ask you about the process, etc.  Now?  When people bring up acting, the looks of disgust come out.

      Hollywood really is dead in many ways.  I know in my household, TV viewing is down to next to nothing.  We are even downgrading cable.  Fuck them all.  I am sick of them.  My advice to everyone is if you have to have your Hollywood fix, pirate everything.  Don’t give to those bastards or do like I did and just get rid of most everything.  You really dont need it.  Buy a video game.  They are way more fun.  Immersive.  Just pray they don’t go woke too.


      I don’t think Disney Star Wars biggest problem was ”going woke”. It was not having any kind of plan what so ever and pulling weird moves and asspulls. After hearing people reeing about how it became SJW propaganda I was surprised at how non-woke it actually was. Not as woke as I thought.

      Same thing with Captain Marvel. It had some cringy jokes but wasn’t too woke in the end, even tho some people hurt their feelings really bad. My biggest problem with Captain Marvel is that Brie Larson is a bland actress, the movie was boring and I really dislike the flying beam shooting boring superhero.


      Daude said exactly what Ive been saying for years. Cowgirl Dave did shit under Georges nose and cause George was largely checked out after Sith he didnt care.

      TCW08 and everything else this bitch has worked on is canon violating shit.

      He & Pablo the twatt were working hand in hand to erase the EU long before the company got sold to the rat. Then once the rat was in command Pablo used his post as “continuity director” to nuke the EU from orbit like he was on the record as wanting to do as far back as 05.


      I agree same would be said about watching and following Anime, Manga, and Tokusatsu more often, make your own thing, and/or helping independent creators grow.


      Dude, you seriously have to look into how much Lucas was involved. He was not checked out in the slightest during the series. As long as you continue to spread this lie on these forums, I’ll be here to defend him.

      You obviously need someone to tell you this, so I’ll be the one to do it. It’s ok not to like all of Lucas’ decisions. Hidalgo did not have the power to throw away the Clone Wars EU, though you’re right that he wanted to. Lucas himself decided to get rid of it so he could do anything he wanted in the time period. It bears repeating, you can’t blame Disney for things Lucas did just because you disagree with the choice.


      I blame shit stqains like PAblo the cunt for tricking George into thinking no one liked the EU Material.

      George was so checked out it isnt even funny, he greenlit all kinds of stupid ideas once he was done with the Prequels cause so many disliked them.

      Having a retarded fuck who only gained his Knighthood weeks before EP3 started being put into the council was one of his worst ideas.


      The EU story is clear. The Clones were trained by the Mandolorians not random mercs.


      Good job. Glad to see you spreading the blame instead of just saying everything’s Filoni’s fault. I’m proud of you.


      He makes fun space fantasy stuff with a Star Wars flavor.   Nothing more, nothing less.   Real Star Wars begins and ends with the original trilogy.


      This is a nigh unreadable wall of text. I would highly recommend editing it down into multiple, smaller paragraphs. You’ll receive more engagement this way. With how it currently stands people are far less likely to want to trudge through it.

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