Dawn of the Arcana

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    I recently started reading this series. About half-way through it, and enjoying it.

    It’s not a new series. I think it’s from the early OO’s.

    The non-spoiler summary is this:

    Two young people of two royal families are forced into a politically arranged marriage. He comes off as arrogant, she’s been more-or-less an outcast from the royal family of her country. Not the best start to the marriage. Then she starts to see visions of events that have already happened or will happen, and they both learn that peace may be only an illusion to hide aggressive intentions.

    The two main character being already married does change the feel of the story, especially early on, when they are still almost hostile to each other and aren’t trying to worry about the usually tropes of being noticed by the other. But it also lets their concerns for each other grow more freely when it does start to happen.

    But it’s more than just a romance story in a fantasy world. Politics plays a part, and it doesn’t show the royal families as being nice people.

    I’ll recommend this one. It’s been a good read so far.

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