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    DC Now and forever


    Used to enjoy both. Last time I bought a comic book was maybe 5-6 years ago. Picked up the first issue of the new Alan Scott Green Lantern. After a few pages, got slapped in the face with the “new and updated” origin for the character…

    I was so pissed. Haven’t bought a comic since. So right now, neither. These indy comics, like Cyberfrog, are starting to pique my interest. Especially since people are trying to cancel them.


    While I like both I prefer DC. I just like the characters more. It doesn’t help that my favorite Marvel character, X-23, is under-used. I get that she’s not a top-tier character & not the most well-known but she’s just really cool to me. But other than that DC doesn’t give most of it’s characters either some sort of healing factor or genius-level intellect or both but it seems like Marvel can’t not do that & that’s one of the things that bothers me about Marvel. I guess you can say that because of those two common traits among Marvel characters they’re not as relatable. Correct me if I’m wrong, though. That’s just what I’ve noticed about Marvel in general.

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      Whichever one has Batman.




      I can empathize with the sentiment wholeheartedly, as back in DC’s New 52, my favorite character had been completely removed from the universe. It’s unbelievably disheartening, but thankfully that was rectified. Depending on what your taste in heroes is, I’d recommend the following as truly good books:

      Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns

      The Flash 

      Detective Comics


      Super Sons

      Teen Titans


      These are just a few, but if you start any of these from the Beginning of DC Rebirth (also read the DC Rebirth one-shot, it’s incredible and was penciled by EVS) you can’t go wrong. James Tynion IV’s Batman (#86-current) is also absolutely incredible.


      Marvel since I grew up with Spiderman and X-Men.

      Superman is the lamest character ever, such a low imagination superhero.

      Batman is pretty cool but I don’t like how he can asspull and win every fight by being rich and having the right equipment. And the diehard Batman fanbase with their ”Batman with prep time could beat _____” is just ridiculous.


      Thanks for the info. With the state of DC and Marvel, I’m going to start looking into some indy stuff. Need to know my money isn’t being laundered so that these soy cuck fembots can continue to operate. If either company publicly changes course, then I’ll reconsider.


      DC ofc (before 2016 at least).

      I don’t really read new comics. I tried… but most of them I just give up after reading 3/4 pages… it’s just too woke without interesting ideas/stories… I want to read about badass characters kicking ass in a messed up world with a good story and deep meanings… I don’t want to read about all men are bad and you are part of the problem stuff :/

      But I welcome suggestions.


      I’m definitely a DC fan

      The only Marvel characters I’ve ever been interested in are Spidey and Deadpool

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      Like most people, I love both, but I would go with DC. I like the fact that it has a darker tone, and (although it might sound a little biased) I grew with a lot of DC content and not so much of Marvel. Besides, if we compare their latest shit projects (Gotham High and New Warriors), I would rather read Gotham High.


      I am a DC Comics fan.  And have been for a very long time.  My collection shows it.


      I have an account with my local comic books store where in my file I get Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, The Flash, etc.


      I also collect Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, etc.


      The only NON-DC comics I get are;

      The Tick

      Marvels: Conan The Barbarian (1970-1993), The Savage Sword of Conan The Barbarian (1974-1995), Conan The King (1980-1989), Conan Saga (1987-1995).

      Also got some Aliens, Terminator titles too.




          I like both DC and Marvel when they were actually good but they have more misses than hits nowadays.


          Gotta go DC—Batman and Superman were my bois growing up. Between comics, animated series, and movies, DC rules it all before the MCU. I do have quite a few Spider-Man comics, so not strictly DC.

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