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      I’m only interested in specific characters, so both really.

      If I absolutely have to pick, Marvel, because most of my favourite characters from there. Also DC has too many god-level characters for me and don’t enjoy space/aliens/multiverse stories all that much, which Marvel also has, but DC has a lot more of from what I’ve seen. idk I’m still new to American comics, I mainly read the older stuff.


        See, I think the opposite. I like DC, but there’s too many god-level superheroes for me and I generally prefer Marvel’s characters and stories (not necessarily relatable, all my fave characters are aggressively different to me lmao)

        Also it’s funny to me that I have the opposite opinion to you in everything, including X-23, who is my least favourite character of all time X’D




        I’ll direct you to my reply above, wherein I list several solid books!


        and blae99 before you boo me allow me to clarify by what i mean marvel is

        Amazing spider man

        Punisher ghost rider








        She Hulk

        Fantastic 4



        that what i mean by marvel not the muc now  but old mcu



        I like DC better , but not by much. I’m an indie comic guy now mostly. DC have a few titles I think are still cool. Dark knights Metal, Dooms day clock and a few other. ( I know some people did not like Dooms day clock,  to each their own I say )

        Marvel comics is dead to me. They won’t get one cent of my money. They told me to go to hell. I’m a very simple guy. very easy to please.

        I like action, cool manly men, attractive females , good art, good story and good fight sceans. Marvel Gives me Soy PC crap, poorly drawn art, they go out of there way to make all the females look as unattractive as possible ( offten you can’t tell the men from the woman, i’m not saying all the females need D cups, but dam let me be able to tell them apart with a glance ) and fill the comics to the brim with hard core left wing politics. when I complain they play stupid and call me an incel and tell me not to buy there comics. well i got the message loud and clear. manga gives me what I need.


        I hate them both right now. Freaking New warrior and gotham high are a laughing stock. Neither company can come up with anything new. Its just the same old recycled stuff.

        I give all my money to Indie comics. When a beast becomes old, and slow, when its claws become dull and it can no longer stand it will be replaced with something new.

        But if you put a gun to my head, I’d have to say DC.


        Both James Tynion IV’s current run on Batman and the current story arc for Joshua Williamson’s Flash is also pretty solid.

      Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)
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