DC (tries to) Redefines the Death of Superman with the Ultimate Doomsday Defeat

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    DC Redefines the Death of Superman with the Ultimate Doomsday Defeat

    Superman has fought against some of the most powerful enemies that DC has to offer, from Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and even the New Gods, but Doomsday is the only enemy who has ever killed the Man of Steel…

    So far, that is true, but…

    and now Dark Crisis finally gives the Kent family their revenge for that.

    False!  Fake news!  Misinformation!

    Superman (Clark Kent) has faced Doomsday after the day they both killed each other.

    Superman did get “revenge”.

    So anything happening in Dark Crisis is all LIES!

    But in Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere’s Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 the Kent family is able to definitively break the Doomsday curse. While the Kents have gotten revenge on versions of Doomsday in the past…

    Wrong.  Superman got revenge on the ACTUAL Doomsday, finally eliminating the creature that was created by the house of EL so long ago…

    Superman took on the “resurrected” Doomsday in space. Though he could not defeat the creature, he was able to use a time travel device to leave Doomsday at the End of Time. There, Doomsday was defeated by entropy.


    So anything that they do in Dark Crisis is a pale shadow of what really happened to defeat Doomsday once and for all.

    But trying to make it look like Superman (Clark Kent) could not do, but his son could?  what BS!

    The more I hear/read on of what they bastard of Clark Kent is doing in the comics, the more I am HATING IT!  (Just like everything 5g, Future State, etc) related.

    This Jon Kent is a has-been character, ever since they aged his up in the comics.

    Get me back the younger Jon, or better yet, give me back the Superboy from Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes over this shit of a character.

    Clark reappears and manages to help his son fight off Doomsday, and together, they say that Doomsday will “never again” kill a Superman. Doomsday is a terrifying threat, but even before his father shows up, Jon is able to stand against the monster … and show that he isn’t afraid, he is able to break the cycle of Doomsday killing Superman.

    Which was already broken, and superboy being able to stand up to… what a fucking JOKE!

    This shits on everything Superman did 30 years ago, before and since.

    Some fans have been apprehensive about Jon Kent as Superman, but there can be no doubt that the fact he is able to stand up against Doomsday, a monster that decimated half the Justice League and killed Clark Kent, is something only a Superman could do.

    Because it is all BS!

    Oh look how good this “new and improved” character is.  They can do things the original (they are trying to replace) couldn’t.

    I reject Dark Crisis, like I REJECT 5G/Future State/etc.

    So long as the REAL Superman is, I reject these pretenders and their writers.

    Victor James

      So, they copied the original Broly storyline in Dragon Ball Z lol. Broly fought all the good guys at once in Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, but Goku fought Broly and won. Later, Gohan fought Broly practically alone, but it took his father’s ghost and goten to finally beat Broly again.

      These hacks have no original bone in their bodies. There is creating derivatives of existing stories, but this sounds beat for beat a copy of Broly – Second Coming.


      Can you recommend any omnibus/complete stories in DC? I read mainly Marvel, but want to branch out and extend my library. I’ve got The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, both pretty good.


      @TowLiquor I have never collected omnibus’s, so of that I cannot recommend.

      But for trades/full story arcs, I have a few I would recommend.

      • Batman Knightfall Part One: Broken Bat
      • Batman Knightfall Part Two: Who Rules the Night
      • Batman Knightfall: Knights End

      This was the big event back in 1993, of what would happen if Batman finally LOSES, a more modern/more violent replacement Batman is put in, and how Bruce Wayne comes back to reclaim the mantle of the Bat.

      And since it is the anniversary of this event:

      • Superman: The Death of Superman
      • Superman: World Without a Superman
      • Superman: The Return of Superman

      This also took place in 1993, and it looks at how the most powerful super-hero in the DC Universe dies and how the world and fellow super-heroes react to this ultimate sacrifice.  New heroes arrive to try to replace the Man of Steel (four in total), and the struggles between them all, until the real Superman returns and the battle between the Superman and an evil Superman.

      Real compelling mega story arcs.

      For additional reads, I would include the Batman: Contagion followed by Batman: No Man’s Land, Batman: WarGames.

      Things like The Killing Joke, Long Halloween, Death in the Family, Hush, as well as Batman: Eternal and Batman & Robin: Eternal are all worthy reads.

      But it can be very confusing at times, since Batman has one of the best Rogues Gallery (as is Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery) so one not used to them might wonder about who this villain is, etc.

      Those are what comes first to mind.


      Awesome thank you. I have read the Death of Superman, as well as the 4 heroes who rise up to take his mantle. Also have read Identity Crisis, which ended great. I think the Batman lines are what really interest me. Have you read Year One?


      You talking about the story from Batman #404-407?

      I read it back in 1987, when the monthly issues came out.

      Then you have Batman Year Zero, Batman (2011-2016 2nd Series) #21-27 and 29-33.

      With such legacy characters, I don’t need/want to read about their “early days”.  Or a reimagined origins, etc.

      That is like saying I don’t want to read stories about how Spider-Man is learning how to swing between buildings and creating various webs (sizes, etc).

      It seems every decade we get a retelling of their origin story. (which I am sick of).

      If it is a brand new character, then ok, give an interesting origin story, and how they evolved into being a super-hero (of villain).


      To be honest, I can’t recall that story and had to look it up online.  (it was so long ago and did not leave a big imprint on me).

      The death of Robin, the shooting of Barbara Gordon, the breaking of the back of Batman, the contagion and sealing off of Gotham City from the rest of the nation, etc. those were memorable events.

      While Year One and Year Zero are interesting stories and shows how Batman’s relationship with Jim Gordon started/developed, it is not on the same level as the others.


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