De-sexualisation of women in entertainment


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    Feminism ruined everything – Games, comics, movies, TV series.

    All of femele characters got desexualised and designed sexually unattractive. F1 dropped grid girls, Darts dropped walk-out girls

    Currently i have zero hobbies, because feminism agenda infected everything!

    Will we ever see sexually attractive women in entertainment again? (women as objects) Like, old Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Seven of Nine from Star Trek, etc?


    1) Did you mean to put this in the General Gaming Section? Feels like a General Discussion topic.

    2) I have one answer for you:




    1) yes my fault

    2) but my question is about western entertainment, it’s totally ruined by feminism


    it’s a complicated topic because these leftists are crazy people and don’t make sense.

    they hate that movies have hot women but then they support cardi b performances and video-clips and call it inspiring and say she’s a role model.

    I mean… wtf


    Have you seen the new crap game outriders? The female character options are so ugly that the only plausible explanation is that they were deliberately designed to be non-attractive.


    The people calling for this are jealous, since they know they will NEVER be the pretty girl, never have a sexual shape, never be able to attract the type of people they want.


    So they have to destroy what they can never be, in the hopes it increases their value.  They want the attention they do not deserve.


    How many people would rather have a poster of a supermodel or a land whale?

    How many people would rather be seen with a healthy person, than one that will have health issues.


    Instead of improving themselves, it is easier to attack and destroy what they are not, so that only their type is seen.


    So not only can we no longer have feminine females, we can’t have masculine males.

    They hate humankind that much!


    It’s also hypocritical, because the men are getting more sexualized.

    For example, in Mortal Kombat, they decided to change the women’s clothing, using the excuse that their clothing is not practical. But they didn’t change anything for the guys.

    I also found it quite funny when people complained about Black Widow in the MCU being too sexualized while walking next to a green, almost naked muscled guy.


    There is no logic or consistency.  The same weirdos that want every woman character in videogames, comics and animation to be redesigned as androgynous figures that look like 12 year old boys, will praise the “empowerment” of Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion dressed like cheap whores as they gyrate on top of each other and sing about their wet ass pussies.


    @DocPhibes I think the logic lies in the fact that they want to be in control of the way they are portrayed. Like if they wanna dress and act like cheap whores then they can do that without any problem, but they don’t want to be represented only as something which pleasures male fantasies. Basically they don’t like when some nerd guy draws them inly to pleasure male fantasies, but want the freedom to be able to dress in order to pleasure male fantasies if they want.


    Both men and women played games like Lara Croft without having a problem.

    Both men and women played games like Mario without having a problem.

    Both men and women played games like Mortal Combat without having a problem.

    Both men and women are fans of movies like George Lucas’s Star Wars without having a problem.

    Both men and women are fans of movies like MCU without having a problem until they movies introduced problems.


    It is only a very small (and extremely toxic) minority that wants changes because their “feelings” are hurt by things they don’t support, play, watch, buy, etc.

    If they don’t like it, don’t support it.

    But don’t tell the people who do support it, and the businesses who want to please the fans (and make money/profits) to stop making it/changing it.


    We all like what we like.

    So stop trying to tell us what we can and can’t like!


    And for the sake of equality, if the roles were reversed and someone was telling these cancel culture/woke/snowflakes what they can and can’t do/like, their sissy fit/tantum could be heard on the other side of the world.


    I barely notice especially since I avoid most Western entertainment released after 2012. Japan is also a godsend, for the moment at least. After all, they’re the home of the ecchi.


    I’m a woman and want to see strong female characters too, whether in mind or they’re a bad-ass. However, I DON’T want to see male characters being gender-swapped for the sake of appealing to people on Twitter who won’t watch/read/play it. I didn’t mind it ten years ago but it’s becoming annoying. I DON’T want to see a female Thor flying around thanks!

    I was watching ‘Pride and Prejudice’ last week and almost laughed at the thought of “What if we changed the Bennett sisters into the Bennett brothers???” and see what they say about that! Again, had on ‘The Three Musketeers’ last night and thought “It’ll be only a matter of time before they turn the Musketeers into women”…

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    Arguments against sexualization are always hypocritical given that both sexes are often portrayed in an ideal manner.  Nearly every super hero of the last century is jacked.  Hell, even the women are muscular and that’s not really something most guys are into.

    Lara Croft had huge tits and ever since then feminists have been pissed.


    A u-tuber made the comparison about body types and superheroes.

    Just look at your average Olympic athletes.  Be it in track and field, and you will find some of the healthiest people there are.

    They had the energy, stamina, physical strength, etc. to do the job most of your average citizen could not.


    Those are the ones who, if we had to pick a segment of the population what could fit the requirements of a “superheroes”, it is those athletes.  That is how they SHOULD BE used, drawn, displayed, etc.


    Take a land-whale having to fight a villain like HHH, it would be no contest.  The land-whale would never survive!

    Likewise, would a land-whale be able to do the tasks a Lara Croft or Indiana Jones to do in those archeological sites?  Hell NO.  They would get a heart attack in no time.


    When we’ll see hypersexualized women in games and comics again?

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