Democrats Oppose Bill against RIOTERS

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    Florida Senate passes controversial ‘anti-riot’ bill pushed in wake of Black Lives Matter protests

    The Florida Senate on Thursday passed, largely along party lines, … anti-riot bill that was pushed by GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis …

    The bill aims to increase criminal penalties for assault against law enforcement while engaging in a “riot” and defacing monuments and other public property during riots. It would also penalize local governments that interfere with law enforcement attempting to contain riots and would provide a citizen’s appeal process when cities and counties attempt to reduce police budgets in response to riots.
    So what is wrong with that?

    Democratic lawmakers in the state argue that it creates a chilling effect on First Amendment rights and restricts political dissent. Republicans argued that it will protect law enforcement and prevent public disorder.
    Peaceful allowing people to express their first amendment right is still there.

    It is for those who RIOT that it is aimed at.

    There is a big difference!

    And there have been over a dozen states that have found the need to protect property, persons, etc.

    The majority of bills use almost identical language and suggest similar penalties, most establishing third-degree felonies for property damage, injuring a person or obstructing roadways, second-degree felonies for destroying or toppling monuments, and first-degree misdemeanors of harassment for confrontations in public spaces, such as confronting elected officials in restaurants. The lawmakers also propose hefty fines and mandatory jail sentences ranging from 30 days to four years depending on the offense.

    So making states safer to their citizens and reducing RIOTs is what every civilized states should be looking at.

    Otherwise we would have anarchy/a failed state.


    black lives matter and antifa are the Democrats Brownshirts. The so called “Democratic” political party in the USA is in fact the Chinese communist party of America. They don’t want to do anything to stop those who will assault American voters if the “Democrats” don’t get their way.


    The DNC Commies dont know the difference between a PEACEFUL PROTEST & a RIOT.

    Thats why they tried to interfear.


    Guess that is also why the leftist activists (media) does not want to use the word RIOT to report on a riot.

    I guess to them, having to admit the toxic left also riots (as does way more than the one blamed on the right), is not an option for it goes against their narrative/agenda.


    What we know about the “unprecedented” Capitol riot arrests

    The Department of Justice said more than 410 defendants have been arrested since the attack, and the government wrote in a court filing that in addition to the 400 people who have already been charged, it expects to charge at least 100 more.

    And how many rioters/loiters have been arrested, charged and convicted during the summer of “peaceful protests”?

    What crimes were they charged with?
    More than 100 defendants have been charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding officers or employees, and 35 of those were charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon, the Department of Justice said. About 140 officers were assaulted during the attack, according to a Justice Department spokesperson.

    More than 350 were charged with entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and more than 35 were charged with entering the Capitol with a dangerous or deadly weapon, the spokesperson said.

    The government said in a March court filing that while most cases brought so far were against individuals, prosecutors are also investigating conspiratorial activity that occurred before and during the attack. So far, about 30 have been charged with conspiracy, a charge that alleges they coordinated with others to commit an offense, the Justice Department said.

    More than 25 defendants have been charged under a destruction of government property statute. During proceedings for three of those defendants, the government said their crimes amounted to “terrorism” — an allegation that is not itself a charge but could influence prison sentences if they are found guilty.

    NONE!  That is how many!

    But with new laws being introduced by law-abiding states, they will not allow such criminals from getting off ‘scott-free’ as they have in states which want anarchy.


    There are already laws on the books…..

    Any Person interfering with law enforcement is guilty of a crime from (misdemeanor to as high as a felony)  All they had to do was arrest the first Mayor or Governor who told them to not enforce the law or stand down and the summer of “love” would have been over faster than you can blink.

    Insurrection is another charge. Assault on an officer is a charge at all levels.

    Instead of new laws for your BASE, how about just enforcing the multitude of laws that would already apply?


    The DNC refuses to enforce any laws unless they can use them against their enemies. Us.


    And it has gone to the activist courts!

    Florida judge asked to block enforcement of ‘anti-riot’ law

    A new Florida law designed to deter violent public demonstrations is instead unconstitutionally chilling free speech and legitimate rights to protest, a federal judge was told Monday.

    So does that mean everyone involved with Jan.6 is free of all charges, as it was “free speech and legitimate rights to protest”? ! ?

    “Their speech is chilled because they don’t know if they will be arrested for peacefully protesting,” said Max Gaston, lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which represents the lawsuit plaintiffs. “They’re afraid they will be arrested and charged with a violent felony.”

    That could sweep up people who are merely in the same area as a protest that turns violent or who are involved in the event but not doing anything illegal, Gaston said.

    So they want to give rioters lawful reason to burn, loot, riot and kill.

    They want the brown shorts and intimidation by domestic terrorists that is antifa/blm to continue without repercussions.

    Lawyers for DeSantis contend in court papers that the lawsuit is misguided and the law does not illegally constrain free speech or the right to assembly as guaranteed by the Constitution.

    “It does not prohibit or discourage peaceful demonstration. Nor does it single out speech regarding racial justice,” the governor’s attorneys wrote. “Americans have a Constitutional right to free speech — they do not have a right to burn down buildings, destroy property, or inflict bodily harm on others.”

    Not according to this activist federal judge.

    So would this activist judge claim, if they were looking at the actions of the KKK as being within their constitutional right to free speech?

    Destroying property, inflicting bodily harm, etc.

    The decision by this activist judge would say the answer is YES.  The KKK was within their rights to do that.

    This is sickening!  The ruling!

    In addition, the measure requires that local governments justify any reductions in law enforcement budgets.

    Oh look!  A hidden benefit the anarchists and defund the police extreme toxic alt-left want!

    By having the courts block this bill, they can defund the police, make communities more unsafe, increase crime, etc.


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