Democrats Planted COVID

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    Chris Christie now has COVID.  Odd, how in just a few days, nothing but Republicans have contracted COVID.  Odd, how a virus only attacks one political party now.  Odd, how Chris Wallace was allowed to be the freaking moderator without even being tested!

    The reality is the Democrats infected people on purpose to prevent further debates and also force fraud by mail.  Notice what is happening?  The NFL is shutting down due to COVID.  This party-specific outbreak happens.  Dems pushing for extended voting.  Dems pushing for no MSM coverage on election night.  No declaration of a winner on election night.

    All 4 weeks before an election.  Don’t fool yourselves.  This shit is planned.  Damn traitors.


    I agree.   For weeks we had no positive tests but now all of a sudden all these people get the virus and it is all conservative people.  Trump, Christie, Conway, etc.  There was a reason they had food tasters in the past.


    I have never seen a virus attack just one party.  8 people.  All Trump supporters.  All conservatives.



    Chris Christie May claim to be a Republican but he is DNC slime through and through. What was he doing at the debates? He is out of office.

    I cant imagine how badly his choices would have made things. the DNC stooge who beat him was bad enough for NJ.


    Like I said in another thread, how is covid transmitted;

    Mainly by moisture particles in the air, but ALSO but CONTAMINATED OBJECTS AND SURFACES?


    Was Trump’s podium properly disinfected before the debate?

    Was any dems tested possitve?  I read only negative test results?


    Is the virus really that selective on whom it infects?



    Get out of your little bubble. 4 weeks before the election? This shit started in last December and spread to Europe and America in February!

    Also, it has swept people no matter what their political view is. In fact, the death number is higher in democrat areas.

    And politicians on the left have been getting covid in other countries. If you really believe the democrats secretly created a weapon to unleash on the whole globe, affecting every country in the world, then you have your head up your ass. This pandemic goes beyond the never ending tug-of-war between mentally unstable and delusional psychos rambling about nonsense conspiracy theories on both sides of the political spectrum in America.


    But if it makes you feel better, know that if this all really is a grand scheme by Obama, Biden, Bill Gates, Osama bin Laden’s ghost and Satan to infect the whole world and Trump, then the whole world is going to be against them. This is a global matter.


    Learn how to read Soynic.  Read, comprehend, and learn the concept of context.  Also, I can list 20 facts easily that show those “nonsense” conspiracy theories could very well be right.  The biggest fools have proven to be those who believe the official stories.  We have seen this time and time and time and time again.

    You are a tiring person.  Go away.



    This is one heck of a reach, dude.


    Why is it a reach?   Because baby killers would never do anything that horrible?


    Soiboi is unwilling to learn the facts.

    Ofucktard paid the WuLabs millions to test out strains of this virus.

    Fucki was the bagman who delivered the samples and the cash.

    This is a weapon. Just another one in a long list of attacks against not only the President for having the audacity to win an election the DNC rigged but to refuse to cave to their daily smear campaign that is still running now.


    It’s a reach because COVID is something that can be caught quite easily if you’re careless. Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson caught it a few months ago and he admitted he’d been shaking hands with nearly everyone he met. Trump is known for being a bit of a germaphobe but all it would take is him simply forgetting to take necessary precautions one evening. And considering the virus’ incubation period, of course people close to Trump would test positive at around the same time.

    It’s bad timing. How, when and where would the Democrats have found the chance to deliberately infect him?

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