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      Just finished watching Demon Slayer last night, and i loved it!

      Very well written story and characters, was really impressed by how much character development they could fit in such a short amount of time, even demons who only appear for a couple of episodes have a backstory

      Watching it felt like watching 2 complete opposite stories at the same time, on one hand, you have a sweet and heroic story of a brother who just wants to protect and save his sister, on the other we have that of the demons, of what really goes on behind the scenes, where demons actually live in fear of a bigger, more powerfull demon, these 2 opposites mashed toghether, and somehow it works!

      The series does a great job at making you connect and care about the characters, i have to say, my fave character’s Inosuke 🐗 (i had to pick the crazy one 😂). Speaking of crazy, when we finally get to meet the 9 Hashira, well, they seem to’ve all been driven insane… Up to now we’ve only got to see some of Shinobu’s backstory, and now i want to see that of the other 8 Hashira, which i’m assuming we’ll get to see their’s in season 2?

      I want Demon Slayer season 2 😈 And i can’t wait to watch the movie 🤩 and start reading the manga 😁


      The movie is Season 2. It’s the next arc in the manga. The manga is apparently done, so I expect we’ll get the complete series in the next year or so.


        I can’t wait either 🤩


        I’ll need to finish the remaining episodes.


        The animation is fantastic, but I need to warm up to the story more. The other slayer who acts like a goofball leaves a lot to be desired (I imagine he will be super awesome later on).


        However, this is way better than most Western media haha.


          Something to watch while waiting for the Demon Slayer movie 😈

          I wish my school years were that crazy 😂 … although, they did come pretty close 😅


            Yay! Demon Slayer movie should hit theaters end of april 😈 (assuming theaters are f***ing open 😭)


            Wait till you watch the movie. I saw it at the beginning of March at the only theater in the entire country that was showing a limited screening. I want to see it again before I make a strong opinion about it, but if I had to say something based off of 1 watch, I distinctly remember thinking Mugen Train is up there with Akira and Ghost in the Shell for me.


            No digital release until June.

            Gonna be a little while.


            Zenitsu is hilarious, I find Tomioka is really cool and Nezuko is beyond adorable.  I really need to continue with the manga (reading it via Viz Media app).  I have a few things Nezuko related.  I’ll post it on here soon. (I have a FigPin of Nezuko, a button pin, a small bag/pouch (please try to not confuse it for a purse) and…just got in the mail today…an acrylic stand of Nezuko in Neko form. :) [Nezuko fan for life].


            Also, the insert song on episode 19…gets me teary eyed from time to time.


              I want theaters to open! Pleeeeaase 😭😭🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🚂


              Saw the movie back in February. It is amazing!


                Which Demon Slayer character are you – quiz

                Just a fun Demon Slayer quiz i found :3

                I got Inosuke 🐗

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              Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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