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    Let’s have a dicussion about Demon Slayer(Kimetsu no Yaiba). Like for example what are you thought about this anime?


    I think Demon Slayer is Awesome although it kinda reminds me of Attack on Titan. But still, it’s a great Anime. I would recommend this Anime to His Dark Materials Fans, Ghostbusters Fans, and Witcher Fans

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    I loved it.

    I am eagerly awaiting the demon train arc movie later this year. I have been holding off reading the manga since it looks like they will keep making episodes or films.


    The combat in this series is very well done, and our hero, Tanjiro is fantastic because he EARNS his strength. No mary sue here.

    I don’t quite see how it is like AoT, considering its characters are likeable and the story has heart and is not a moody mess ;)


    The reason why I think Demon Slayer is similar Attack on Titan to me although it’s way way way more different because the demons kinda remind of me the Titans except they’re more smarter, smaller, and have more powers and weaknesses(like for example Sunlight and Decapitation by special weapons) than the Titans and they only attack on night. The Demon Slayer Corps is like a more secretive version of the Survey Corps except their only objective is to slay Demons and make it a secret same would their existence and war with the demons. I’m not saying “Demon Slayer is similar to Attack on Titan” as bad way. I’m saying it in a more neutral way. Plus I don’t mind any fictional project being similar to Attack on Titan. I would like a Western Franchises that are similar to Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer

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