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    If you were to able to obtain a Devil Fruit from One Piece which Devil Fruit Power would you like to have?Devil_Fruit_Infobox

    Personally i would like the Goro Goro no mi / Rumble Rumble Fruit as i really like the lightning element
    plus free electricity and UNLIMITED POWEEEEEEEERR!!!!!!!!…………. ahem anyways

    i would like to hear what interesting Devil fruit power you guys would like to have.

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    I….I can’t answer this question!


    I’ve never been able to answer this, because I’m the kinda guy who wants more than one power, but I’m not gonna do sketchy shit like Black Beard to get two at once.


    If push comes to shove, I will need to do a review of the full known fruit list. I can say that I do not want any zoan fruits. I have no interest in transforming into a beast of any kind.


    Yeah there are a lot of amazing Devil Fruit powers, it’s never easy to pick one XD


    I would want a devil fruit that let’s me teleport. Let’s call it the Zip-Zip Fruit, and I’d be a teleporting man.




    Okay. I’ve got an affinity for Time abilities, so I think I would either go for the


    Jigen Jigen no mi (Dimension Dimension Fruit): To cut the fabric of time and space.


    Jikan Jikan no mi (Time Time Fruit): To manipulate Time in a Certain area.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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