Did Netflix commit stock fraud?

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    Don’t be surprised if it turns out that the Netflix executives shorted Netflix stocks in the days/weeks before they released the movie. Sell -> tank stock -> buy back -> make fortune.

    I would like to hear some other people’s thoughts on this.   This part is not being talked about as I think most of us are focused on the clear cut softcore CP they produced and distributed.  Rightfully so as that is the big one.   However I have this feeling the stocks had been tanked on purpose to make some people a lot of money.  Doing this is against the rules big time.  We know at this point they don’t care about any rules or laws.

    What do you think the chances are of this happening?



    While they have everyone focuses on other bullshit they do.  Maybe they think they can slip this one past most of us.  One hand is waving catching everyone’s attention.  While the other hand slips into your back pocket and takes your wallet.

    They then slip back into the darkness or what ever rock they crawled out from.

    Netflix is total slime, scum and rotten to the core!

    They have to recover all the money they lost from this one way or the other.  I think this was done by design.


    Impossible to prove but that happens all the time with cryptocurrency however that business is not regulated much at all.

    I don’t get into the minor conspiracy theories like 9/11 and aliens and JFK and Marilyn Monroe etc. because I suspect that the whole world is a giant conspiracy theory and that everything that happens is to benefit someone other than myself. If there is a dollar to be made doing anything chances are there is someone out there who isn’t too bothered with whether they’ll go to heaven or hell to make it. That’s why I switch off when I hear any conspiracy theory because it makes me think how shit the world is and how shit the people in it are.


    Yep it would be almost impossible to prove unless someone came out from the inside to blow the whistle.  I highly doubt that happening in this case.  Lots of people are making big money in so many places like this.  I can agree also that the world is one big conspiracy theory that is running on auto pilot.  People for the most part are the problem.  Those who sit around and say or do nothing just happy with the crumbs that are tossed to them from the Elites bread table.

    There was a video that showed this part of human nature.  One person stood up in a waiting room everytime a light would come on.  Soon the whole room was standing when the light came on because they thought they where suppose to stand.  When the main person who started the standing left the room every one kept standing when the light came on.  A new group of people came into the room and followed suit without even being told to do so.

    This is human nature in a nut shell.  It is called the 100 monkey syndrome.   For the most part people are stupid and a few key people know how to take advantage and rig the system in their favor.    I see the big owners of the big club doing this to society as a whole.

    George Carlin has some great skits about this.  One of the reason I enjoy his comedy so much.  The truth always goes down a bit easier with a little sugar.

    Either way we are never going to know these truths.  All the same I thought I would try my best to bring some light to another aspect of this whole thing.  Thanks for your input Route_69


    NetFlix did not drop because of the movie.  The entire tech sector has fallen since September 1st.  September in general is a shitty month for stocks.  Really, the stock market is not all that healthy.  Only a few large tech stocks have really rebounded.  There are still a lot of stocks at half their values from this time last year.

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