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    I’m re watching Digimon Digital Monsters on Hulu and oh boy, Digimon is probably the most underrated Anime ever. I also love the music as well.


      The best part of that show was the theme song. Digimon digital monsters Digimon are the champions!


      I know, it’s so good.


        I’m re-binge watching Digimon too! I’ve loved this anime since i was a kid, i always found the stories to be deep and have always found a character i could relate to every season. I love the music too, both english and original version. I’m in the middle of watching Digimon Frontier now, for this season i do prefer the original music though


        That’s funny I watched that Anime as a kid


          Who’s you’re favorite character/Digimon?


          I’m not a digimon fan nor a digimon hater. But I’ll say WarGreymon


            Mine are Gatomon, Gomamon and Patamon


            Yes! I remember being picked on so much by my friends, who were Pokemon fans just like me, but I would also fan over Digimon.I just love the concept of multi-realities, the bond between the Digi-Destined/Tamer and Digimon, and the story! A friend of mine said this “Pokemon is more popular, but Digimon had better stories” which, yes.


            Also, Digicat, I really fell in love with Gatomon, heck, I even named a Pomeranian I got in high school “Sally” from “Salamon”. LOL


              Agreed, as much as i love Pokémon, i always found Digimon’s stories to be more heartwarming. I also love seeing the original characters grow up trhu the seasons and can’t wait to see them back in Digimon Last Evolution. I do wish they’d continued Digimon Frontier as they did Adventure as i really love that season too


              Funny enough, I never watched past Season 2. I’m planning on watching the later seasons like Tamers and Frontier and those seasons.



              My favorite arc of the Digimon seasons I watched were the arcs where the Digimon were in Japan because I mean the other humans don’t understand what’s even going on except some weird creatures show up out of nowhere and start destroying things.


              Digimon is a great series. I love the first 3 series. Season 2 may be my favorite, though i need to rewatch it.

              I remember the show got dismissed as a pokemon rip off back when it first came out but if you watch it, it has a MUCH better story than Pokemon anime ever had. Sad that Digimon today isn’t as big as Pokemon, but the new season 1 movies that came out recently have given the series new life.


                I still have my VHS of the first episode of season 2, i watched the crap out of that tape


                It’s been a while since I added to this forum, but I actually JUST finished Digimon Season 3, or Digimon Tamers. Originally, when I watched Digimon a few years back, I never watched past season 2 so this was my first time watching Digimon Tamers. Honestly, it started slow, but once we started getting further into the season, it got way better. I thought Biomerging was cool and the D Reaper was really cool too. At first, I didn’t know if I’d like it because it wasn’t the cast of characters we knew from the first season, but it grew on me. Also, I wanted to mention, Ken Ichijouji (Post Digimon Emperor) is my favorite character of the series. His character arc from being evil to being a friend is really good.

              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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