Disney made 1.4 BILLION profit

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      I am not sure how they are making money but apparently they are.

      Given they are the wokest there is, I guess they break “get woke, go broke”.

      More woke garbage movies are coming from them I am sure.



      EDIT – Actually for a company that size.  That does not seem like that much to be quite honest.  In fact that might be quite anemic in the context of their size.  Not sure though.

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      disney is too big… they have their hands in way too many industries… quite a monopoly.

      So they can afford to waste money wherever they want, they can still make money somewhere else. (parks, toys, merch, books, tv, etc.)

      Plus, they have a huge political connection… it’s just too powerful… similar to google, amazon and apple.



        I think I have to agree with that.  They are not Disney the family movie and park company anymore.  They are a giant media conglomerate. Walt must be rolling in his grave.


        almost forgot they also own ESPN… it’s crazy.


        Disney+ now stands at 129.8 million subscribers. That’s up from the 118.1 million subscribers it had at the end of the previous quarter, and nearly 35 million more than the 94.9 million subscribers it had a year ago.

        Hulu enjoyed another meager increase, with the full service now at 45.3 million subscribers. That’s up from 39.7 million the previous quarter, and 39.4 million from a year ago.

        ESPN+ increased to 21.3 million subscribers, up from 17.1 million the previous quarter, and from 12.1 million from the first quarter of 2021.


        I would’ve thought that that was quite a low amount of money for a company that big.


          Yeah, if you think about it that is essentially what a single big movie might bring in worldwide (gross not profit)  much less the entire company as a whole.


          They make money from the parks and then use it to made mostly average shows on Disney+.


          Avengers Endgame made $2.8 billion at the box office alone. Even if you take off 50% for the theater owners and subtract a couple hundred million for promotional costs, that’s almost as much money as everything under the Disney umbrella put together in this last year.

          Then you look at stuff like this https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/economy/disney-has-lost-50-billion-in-value-since-war-with-florida-began

          The one thing Disney can always be relied upon is a big heaping serving of bullshit to try and make it sound like everything is just fine and dandynothing-to-see-here-gif-4


            The Parks World Wide as well as their other investments and companies make them the money, The Films are not the cash cow people think they are.


              I am seriously Board today so I went and looked up Disneyland Anahiem Parking spaces. Apparently there are 10,243 at $30.00 per car that is $307,290 a day because lets be honest its full every day. over 365  days that is $112,160,850

              Now lets assume each car has 2 people in it that is 20,486 per day at ticket price of $104.00 per person, So $2,130,544 a day in tickets. And of course over the year $777,648,560 + Parking $112,160,850 = $889,809,410.00 per year. And that is Just Disney Anaheim PARK…. Clearly that park does a Billion dollars a year by itself, Now tack on the other parks, Cruise ships etc I would guess Combined you are looking at 10 billion or more.

              So when you stop to think about it 1.4 Billion is actually a loss for them. Kinda shows in their stocks $185.00 a share last year, and the Media is hyping them hard the last month so its up to $117.00 as I type this… But that is a full on Media Hype trying to keep them from utterly tanking. Thing is Disney has to many people who just cannot keep their mouths shut so all this hyped false worth, will crash again as soon as the first bad press comes out again.


              That is after their exorbitat salaries though. Basically the stock holders are being ripped off.


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