Disney Star Wars Theory: Darth Vader Knew Leia Was His Daughter

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    Star Wars Theory: Darth Vader Knew Leia Was His Daughter

    One of the biggest questions Star Wars fans had regarding Darth Vader was how come he didn’t sense Princess Leia had the Force in her. And more so, that she was his daughter. They were in proximity so many times, he should have picked up on the signature…

    Maybe, it was because the Force had not yet developed to the point in Leia.  In the George Lucas’ films/canon, it was not until Return of the Jedi did Leia start to display any force powers/abilities.

    Seeing as Vader was so in tune with detecting the Force in people, per how he kept tracking Ben in Obi-Wan Kenobi, it’d have been easy to envision him picking up Luke’s spark in Leia. Many ascribed this, though, to Leia not awakening her abilities until after Vader died, but this Disney+ series confirmed she was exhibiting Force-traits since she was a kid.

    Not in the EU.  Not in George Lucas’ Canon.

    And in Return of the Jedi, the “force” intuition was out BEFORE Luke left to surrender himself to the Empire on the Forest Moon of Endor.  So even that sentence in the article is FALSE.  As it its whole “theory”.

    However, given Vader’s mission to find the perfect weapon to use against the Emperor, it might be he knew Leia was his, but just didn’t care.

    Then why was he so surprised on the second death star when that information was revealed?

    Once again, these Disney retards are trying to break CANON.

    Focusing on an advanced Luke would simply be the better bet, although games such as capturing Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back could have been contingency measures to keep testing if Leia would let darkness in.

    Once again, not EU, not CANON.

    Such a scheme would tie into Vader as a puppet master, manipulating variables and seeking out the offspring with more anger. It’d have been a sadistic long con, but him picking Luke after deeming Leia’s potential nil would have fit Vader’s secret mission. Because ultimately, he needed the perfect apprentice if he was to overthrow Palpatine and rule the galaxy — and without a lock on the Force just yet, Leia wouldn’t have been it.

    But Vader was never known for his long-term thinking/planning.  He was always very impulsive, in the moment, do it now type of person.

    This planning/scheming is out of character.

    So once again, Disney is breaking with CANON.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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