Disney Trilogy Truly is Empty: They had no plan!

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    Take your pick to watch:




    Once and for all these movies must be considered irrelevant! They never had a story! JAR JAR once and for all is a HACK!

    They must be ignored and forgotten.

    Long live the EU and REAL Star Wars!


    Nothing new there.


    KK and her Disney owners were only thing of Star Wars as a Cash Cow.

    What they forgot is that if you mistreat it, it will only give you SOUR milk in return.


    And boy oh boy has their 4 BILLION dollar investment been SOURED!


    You really only have to see the films to know they had no plan.


    They did have a plan… to milk the fans of as much money as they can while doing as little work in the process.

    They did have a plan… to discredit as much of George Lucas’s creation and the characters he created as possible.



    Did they have an overall story arc for their trilogy… NO.

    Did they take feedback from the fans and made things better… NO.

    Did they give the middle finger to the fans for not liking their crap… ya.



    They had a plan.  They were going to push feminism to help Hillary get in office.  It backfired.   Everything is about a larger agenda now.


    The Disney trilogy is like when you procrastinate on an essay until the night before its due. So you just rush it, it doesn’t make any sense, and it sucks



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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