Disney’s Privledge List

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    So after watching Jay’s videos and seeing the list, all I can say is this is NOT a Privileged test it is a “Checking the boxes of employment Test” take it and dont fit in and bet you dont last long or get promotions.

    Privilege is this:

    I am Privileged to be alive!

    You see, when I was younger and very recently married, my wife asked me before going out if the dress she had on was nice and did it make her look fat.

    Now I was raised by a Military, Christian Southern Construction working family who told me growing up Be Honest at all times even if it means you take a ass beating, its far easier to remember the Truth than a lie.

    So innocently and bluntly said “Well it look like you took down your grandma’s curtains and put them on, and I could use it to cover the car.” Yes I did say it, and I still get reminded of it!  You see I always had a Sarcastic since of Humor, I blame my mother (you  should see the crap she puts on facebook, My dad calls to warn me sometimes she is videoing stuff). Nonetheless after a bunch of words I didnt know my wife knew let alone how to properly use them and an hour of crying in the bedroom and changing multiple times, we finally went to the Party

    So I am just Privileged to be alive after that.


    My wife always know when I am lying so I have to be honest. When she gets pissed when I am honest, I ask her if she would prefer that I lie to her.

    The answer is always no. It’s like having tow choices that are both wrong and having to pick one of them.

    I haven’t watched Jay’s video yet, but I did watch Jeremy’s video about it this morning and it was disgusting. I thought segregation was bad?


    Dude I live in Arkansas, there are some rednecks blushing from what Disney is doing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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