Do Cubans escape into Jamaica also?

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    So recently I found out that Cuba is right next to Jamaica and I began wondering do Cubans who want to escape Cuba that are on the side of the country closer to Jamaica than Florida find a way to escape to Jamaica just like the Cubans living in the part of the country closer to Florida get on a raft and escape to Florida?

    To me it makes no sense for all the Cubans from all across the country that want to escape Cuba to just make the dangerous long journey to get to the part of Cuba close to Florida just to get into America because a long trip like that could be very costly both in money and danger of being caught by their government.

    Jamaica much like America is a democratic country that has freedom also, so I wonder would Cubans who wanted to escape Cuba that are too far away from Florida just instead escape to Jamaica? I keep hearing about Florida taking in many many Cuban refugees yearly but I hear very little news about the Jamaican government taking in Cuban refugees but does it happen there also?

    Does Jamaica take in Cuban refugees as much as Florida and give these Cubans the same amount of protection from the Cuban government trying to take them back like the USA government does when they bring in Cuban refugees?

    Also does Jamaica ever worry that the Cuban government would try to invade their country like Florida worries about that same prospect for the past few decades?


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