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    Hello everyone I had a question regarding collecting. Does anybody else here get jealous or envious of the people’s collections? One of my personality flaws is I get green eyed when I see people have large collections. Even though I’m 23 years old and have a long way to go I want what I can’t have and sometimes I make impulsive spending choices.


    Yeah I used to be like that espically with dyslexia&adhd, I used to impulse buy if I saw someone with something that I didn’t have. I now tend to remind myself that I don’t need alot of materials to make me happy and appreiacte what I do have. Plus getting in debt will make me a slave to a job , atleast if I have less debt I could resign easier if I ever feel trapped.


    Same lol

    But we must be grateful for what we have too. Other people envy what we have as well. :P


    But once in a while it’s okay to impulse buy, it makes us relax lol


      When i was younger the answer is YES I did, then as i got older it stopped being envy and started being “aspiring to” I stopped caring about what others had and started looking at it as “I can do this if I put in the hard work and time needed to acquire that level” Im an old fart and though I do not collect the things I did when I was younger I still see things in my interest range that I aspire to get to. You might be young but PASSION and DRIVE will never leave.

      Dont look at it as envy, Look at it as a Challenge to get to that level.


        accommodating Champaign taste on a beer budget is difficult honestly. but it also means you dont need to buy a bigger house to accommodate your growing collection. most of my pieces are either older or middle ground price wise, i cant afford hawt toyz or sideshow sadly, but can still take your time and budget a decent collection regardless


        Does anybody else here get jealous or envious of the people’s collections?

        If I see something that is unavilable to me not due to monitary reasons but from Unconstitutional regulations… NFA… Fuck that Unconstitutional law your damned right I get a bit pissed off.


        As for gaming stuff; which is really my biggest collection of stuff. I have the figures. One of the guys I game with has the ‘Dwarven forge’ scenery stuff. So it works out. I cant afford to get that stuff.


        To a degree, yes I am a bit envious…partially because of the fact that I never took the time and energy to look up and actually buy certain things when I was around a certain age. However, trying to hunt for that one particular thing that you recall from your childhood at times…oof…it’s not just a hunt, imo.  However, I can also admire some collections even though I’m an average collector at best. (I can’t say the same for limited edition stuff…now THAT’s something to be a bit more envious of).


        No, just annoyed when some game I want rises to such a high price because of videogame collectors who probably aren’t even going to use it other than putting them up on a shelf. I’m not talking retro games either because there are Switch games that have gone up in price and they were never limited releases like a lot of digital titles gone physical tend to be.


        What gets me are those that come in and instead of being a COLLECTOR, they are prospectors.

        We have seen it with sports cards.

        We have seen this with comics.

        They buy something (selling them out) and causes an inflated value, then try to sell it at a profit.

        Be it short term or long term selling.

        And that is why for comics, I am against having them sealed in graded plastic containers.  You just took away there reading/artwork enjoyment, and made them into a wall hanging.


        So when I see an item I am missing, but they have driven the price up beyond my budget…

        …am I envious?  No.  Mad?  HELL YAY!


        Right now I’m trying to collect the new Masters of The Universe toys, but Wave 1 was all that has shown up in Oklahoma. I see people with wave 5 toys in stores, and recently a Trap Jaw that I’ve had on backorder since February was on clearance at a store for $5. I’ve had to find them on Amazon, Big Bad Toys, and Entertainment Earth to get anything past wave 1 (aside from a Panthor that got shipped to a local target). I’m a member of a group on FB where people share photos of there collections, and I see people with all these figures I can’t even order unless I want to cough up more than 2X what they are worth. I get really jealous of them.


          Yeah, I have the same MOTU problem. I even have the additional problem of my Man At Arms MIB foot is sideways and I cracked the shell trying to adjust it, my He-Man has a scuff MIB, Battle Cats box is bent when ALL the ones I saw on shelf after that are pristine, and my Mer-Man, which I paid extra for at BBTS to get a collectors version since that was all they had, has some weird fuzzy thing stuck to the middle of the INSIDE of the pack. Grr…. I am thinking of selling and replacing a few of them. But I don’t have the means at the moment. I could use Ebay but I think I will lose money in the process…

          Looking at other peoples collections is fun, but also has a negative impact on my wallet when I see things I have to have.


          Yeah. This works for everything in life. We all feel envious sometimes. What’s great though is that it’s motivation. Save up and get what you like and slowly your collection will grow :)

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