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    Okay, so earlier this week I dropped a video talking about Love Hina creator worried about PC/SJW culture seizing control of the Anime/Manga industry and basically warning this would ruin everything. I said my piece, whatever.

    I got someone in my comments right now trying to argue that it only makes business sense to appeal to more than the people who already like it, ie. they have bought into the Phantom SJW Audience con that says there is more money out there to be made if you bend the knee to them. Of course, since they are currently behaving like a normal person and just making a statement…I’ve engaged and am currently hammering them with logic an facts. This commentor is under the illusory belief that SJWs want to actually make money, and that SJWs spend money, so why wouldn’t Japan want to work to get them as an audience…to which I have countered Marxist Leftists don’t care about money, only agenda. I feel like I’m winning, because their word salad responses continue to be based on no actual facts, continuing to hold to the belief that Japan will bend the knee as it only makes sense because it will make them money….

    As I’m doing this, though, it occurs to me to post the question here for a little discussion of our own.

    Do you think Japan will bend the knee and let the SJWs infest the merit based and capitalistic industry that is Anime and Manga?

    To me I don’t see how it would happen when the numbers show they are destroying EVERYTHING in their path and making money hand over fist. They have the winning hand right now. You play it and keep winning.


    As much as I hate saying it or thinking about it, it eventually will. Anime and manga will get more mainstream and popular and then it will get infected with forced LGBT propaganda and other Marxist trash much like everything else. Then modern civilization will collapse creating a ‘Great Reset’ and the world will be like the book, 1984.


      Yes and NO

      Any that gets brought or should I say Bought by a US company will, unless things turn around here in the States.

      No to those who stay in Japan. No to the INDY’s creators.


      @Captain_Cronos While I am not denying the attempt by bad actors trying to force a Great Reset, I’m not about to black pill and say it’s going to happen. Too many people, imho, are just ready to black pill and accept it’s going to happen. I think people are too ready to black pill on everything these days, and in doing that they kill a part of themselves needed to keep fighting. The bastards are going to try, but I just think that human spirit will overcome in the end, because enough people will not bow down and bend the knee.

      The Marxists’ iron grip on holding the pendulum in place is weakening. It will swing back the other way and this shit will change. It’s not going to be tomorrow or next month, but it’s coming.

      I always say the normies are a tanker. Tankers take a long time to turn around, and the normie tanker is more than halfway turned around right now.

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        I really really hope they don’t, and seeing they seem to be pretty smart buisness wise, i’m more inclined to belive they won’t bend the knee, aka don’t fix something if it ain’t broke


        It really depends on the state of Japan’s own culture.

        From an outside perspective, it seems Japan has a mix of both of liberal and conservative values. Most Japanese youth seem to have more liberal attitudes towards social issues compared to their elders, but the kind of long march through the institutions that has occurred in the West hasn’t taken place in Japan, so Japanese millennials haven’t been conditioned to loathe their own country and chant for its destruction. They seem to at least honor their ancestors, their history and their traditions.

        But that doesn’t mean Japanese leftists don’t exist. Every now and then I do hear of small groups of activists going after Japan’s Imperial past, or even the more… unusual parts of anime/manga culture. Usually these people left Japan at a young age, came to America, got completely indoctrinated by Marx’s theories, then return home with the idea that their own homeland is now super-problematic and needs to change. Only they are hardly the blue-haired, nasal-pierced, screeching banshees we’re so familiar with, but rather cloak all the same ideological talking points in a vein of pseudo-intellectualism so they appear reasonable.

        It’s easy to dismiss them and think they won’t get anywhere, but look where we are now after spending decades ignoring our own unhinged crazies. You can’t really underestimate them. Most normal-thinking people give up on their political activism when they realize the majority of people aren’t interested in changing anything, but you have to give Leftists credit: They are utterly tireless and will relentlessly pursue any means they can to achieve their goals, even if it takes them their whole lives and might not even live to see the results. That’s just how committed they are.

        Of course, I’m just saying all of this based on what I’ve observed. If anyone’s been to or lives in Japan, and is more intimately familiar with Japanese politics, feel free to chip in.

        Japanese culture, and by extension anime/manga, will likely not go woke and self-hating anytime soon: It’s a demoralization process that takes many generations. The powers-that-be infiltrated and undermined Western culture decades ago because they saw white Europeans as the biggest obstacle to their plans for total world domination. But it probably hasn’t escaped their attention that Japanese media has become very popular due to the decline of Western media (which they have had a hand in thanks to their army of useful idiots). When European countries eventually implode, East Asians are likely next on the chopping block.



        @FallenOmegaStar  All very cogent points. You are absolutely correct about the part of Marxist brainwashing being the fostering of hatred of one’s own country, because all ties to self worth must be severed for the ideology to take hold, and nationalistic patriotism is a strong bond.

        I do not think the unhinged Leftists can ever go into hiding again, which is indeed what gave them their strength to make this final push in the here and now. They waited, they plotted, the infiltrated, and they fostered dissent to have this one powerful near perfect moment in history to try and win it all in one single move. And indeed, you have to give them credit for doggedness, because they all always fall in line when marching…but as I’ve said in the past, they will always turn on each other for purity tests, and that is part of their weakness.

        That, and in the end they are not really that smart. Yes, they won big in 2020, but they did it sloppily, in broad daylight, and the whole world watched and said WTF. And now? Now they are falling apart trying to actually run things and doing so much damage in the process normal people are awed at the dysfunction of it all.

        So, I still do not think Anime and Manga will go woke, because as you stated in the time it takes for this shit to infest an infect, the pendulum will have swung back and they will be in full retreat.

        Through out all of this in the past couple of years now, I have come to the realization that this all had to happen. Events had to move in this way to reveal once and for all all these SJW Marxists Leftists for who and what they are. There will never be any way for them to hide again and puppeteer from the shadows. We must all continue to shine the light on them and support freedoms and reject hive mind conformity.



        I wasn’t trying to black pill, that’s exactly what I think will happen. I really hope I’m wrong but I always have seen the big picture of things since 2006. The start of an Orwellian world isn’t just social justice as you are only looking at. Look at how many people fell for the scamdemic and have taken the vaccine. If you really think the “pendulum is going to swing the other way”, you’re living in the same blind optimism that led to all these problems happening in the first place. I’m not saying to live in nihilism but know things haven’t gotten really bad yet.


          So this thread got me really interested in what is going on in Japan. I am lucky my Son is stationed there and my cousin has lived their many years so I contacted them.

          My sons point of view is: He does not see anything “liberal or left” as we in the US see it. Unless it is on Social Media for clicks <his exact words>

          My cousin when asked laugh, he said: The older Japanese and the Younger ones both value their History and Tradition and even some of what he termed the Left understand how important their cultural history is. He also reminded me that, unlike the US, Japan is not a massive melting pot or one that would ever allow for a “Summer of Peace” JDF would have shown them peace right up their asses. If anything he thinks the Japanese Companies will turn it up to 11 and take full advantage of the dwindling US influence and market in Comics.

          After talking to both, I am reminded the US is not the center of the world nor is it as influential as we think or even as it once was in “escapism” and good story telling.


          Nope. As far as I know, Japan seems to have more sense in their heads than the Western world at the moment. In manga and animi, they put story first and THEN anything else to do with the characters. I read the Sailor Venus manga around Xmas time after my dad got me it and despite the fact that it would be considered “woke” by a lot of people, it’s VERY well written and the woke stuff in there doesn’t put me off it in the least. As a result I really enjoyed it. Same when I first read Sailor Moon ten years ago. I don’t mind the PC stuff being in a comic/manga/animi. Just don’t be preachy about it and call your fans names when they fail.


          The Manga and Anime are a great and unique part of japanese culture loved by a lot of people in the West.

          Is very important for entertainment that Japan resist and refuse to bend the knee to the church of wokeness.


            Japan is not a massive melting pot or one that would ever allow for a “Summer of Peace” JDF would have shown them peace right up their asses

            What “Summer of Peace”??


            What “Summer of Peace”??


            He’s being sarcastic about the BLM summer riots, Digi :)


              :) yes yes im letting the sarcasm flow through me.


                It’s not built in to the Japanese culture to cow tow to this SJW crap. They have politeness already built in their speech, but that only goes so far. You will, and already have, get a big backlash if this SJW crap is forced on them. The entire reason Anime and Manga is outperforming everything else is BECAUSE it isn’t full of identity politics/SJW hogwash. People are sick of being preached at and scolded continually from a ONE SIDED ideology in every facet of their lives now.

                It’s enough with this mindwash already.

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