Don’t let public schools groom your children

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      So I live in a super conservative area in a sizeable town but not huge nor is it a city really.  And I see in the news that even here the whole thing with libraries and explicit material has arrived.  Our libraires during “pride month” put out displays of gay and lesbian material some of which was perceived as pornography.

      Parents, PAY ATTENTION!  I believe this is being done intentionally to sexualize children and areas are intentionally being targeted. This is not at all an organic thing.

      Here is an excerpt from an article talking about the incoming Library Association president in my town:

      “incoming president, has described herself as a Marxist and a lesbian”

      Why is that alarming?  Because normal folks don’t describe themselves that way.  This sort of self labelling lets you know where this person’s priorities are. Clearly to address yourself in that way is to announce your allegiance to all intentionally.


      My only point here is to say if it can happen here it can happen to you.  Don’t let public schools sexualize your kids.

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