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    Let’s have a discussion about Doomcock. Like for example:

    What do you think of Doomcock?

    Which types of movies, Anime, Tokusatsu, TV shows, and comics do you want Doomcock review?


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I think Doomcock is great. Hell I even send him a Gmail which includes Anime, Manga, and Fanflims that I would recommend to many fandoms. I hope he responds to it and reviews them.</p>

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    Doomcock’s Laws of Canon: A Culture War Manifesto

    I can’t remember when I started to watch Doomcock but for those who haven’t seen much of his work, the video that should not be lost and shared often, are his laws of canon. Linked above, is the most eloquent call to protect the mythologies of true fans. If a recently released show, movie, or game failed to align itself to canon I will be sharing this video along with my criticism.

    To avoid certain buzzwords I’ll simple say that this video is a demand for excellence performed by an extraordinary master of thought.


    Doomcock is so good to the point that I wanted his persona and likeness to be in one of my projects! I’m not even kidding!


    Really, What kind of project are you working on?


    First off I love Doomcock’s shtict of claiming to be a “villain”… being a parody of Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom)… while he’s actually a hero trying to save pop culture from woke Hollywood. That said, Doomcock often brings up some great points why a certain thing is stupid or why certain plot points in woke movies fail to work. All in all, Doomcock is awesome and he did a 👏car video👏 with Jeremy a while ago


    Indeed. If he wants to save pop culture, I say he should stop relying on Hollywood, vote with his wallet, and try other entertainment which is better than Hollywood such as Anime, Manga, Tokusatsu, etc. These are way better than Hollywood.


    I like his presentation.


    It is original and he is dead on with his observations.


    And remember, “Without respect, We reject!”


    Also, “Press The Button!”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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